Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nessa gets a new do

 See this dog?
This dog is a mess.
She is in serious need of a hair cut.
I feel her pain.
I am too.

 Look at those floppy furry ears,
the barely visible eyes
the matted gunk around her mouth.
You don't even want to smell her breath
and her nails can scratch a gash in your leg that will require hospitalization.
She's a mess.
A heinous mess.

Not any more.
The floppy furry ears have been trimmed and cleaned.
You can see her bright beautiful brown eyes.
Her muzzle doesn't have all the unidentifiable stuff matted around it.
Her nails have been clipped.
Her teeth have been brushed.
She got the whole spa treatment.
And, because she did
I didn't.
There is no justice.



  1. You know, I hadn't thought of that before - Scooter gets groomed regularly at the kennel. I am in DIRE need of a haircut but can never seem to find the time or money.

    No justice, indeed!

  2. I go about every 9-10 weeks to get my hair cut. The dog has been once to get the whole shebang done. He needs to go more often, but finding time and money has always eluded us.

  3. Your one has to get a hair cut because her hair stays in. Mine, her hair falls out so much that I'm half convinced that it's a sheep I've got in the house.
    Lovely dog btw.

  4. Vince: She is lovely. We also have a Corgie that sheds enough for 3 dogs.

  5. Ah, this reminds me that Harry is living up to his name. He needs a trim too.

  6. She is so beautiful now...will she have to wear a coat when she goes outside?


  7. Nessa is beautiful with or without her haircut. I keep telling myself that I am too. That's how I put up with my own shaggy mess.

  8. That is one cute wittle pup-EEEE!

  9. Shes an adorable dog!!! Tho I thought she was adorable with the curls too!!

  10. Every dog has its day!! Cheers Michele!!

  11. That's why I have a short-haired dog whose nails I clip myself (sometimes). Then I get to go to the spa.