Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wine Cork Ornaments - A How -To

Remember how last week I was all embarrassed about the inappropriate number of wine corks I had accumulated in the last several years? 

It's sad.
Don't be afraid of the staring sea lion in this box.

I realize that most people don't have a bin o'wine corks like I do. I'm pretty sure that this is some sort of disorder that the psychological community will want to study. Something like; winecorkarecyclingaphobia. I've only got one thing to say to them; "bring it on".

You can buy new wine corks at craft stores or wine/beer making shops. I bet you could order them online also. I wouldn't really know. I come by my corks through hard work. :)

Well, a friend of mine saw that post and sent me some photos of a useful way I could use all these corks as:

Christmas ornaments.

Now, this is a great idea for several reasons.
1. I can hide my wine cork problem
2. Free gifts
3. Allows me to get my crafty hat on. (it is a very attractive crafty hat)

Upon which I thought AWESOME! Then I thought; I could do that. Then I thought; I don't even have to go to the craft store. 

I grabbed my craft boxes (yes, I am so organizationally anal that I have a box just for craft supplies. In that box is smaller boxes. jars, and zip-top bags that contain like items then sorted within the bags, jars & boxes, within the big box, etc.)

Picked out of my massive amount of wine 
corks a few likely victims.

Located my bag of beads. What? You don't have a bag of beads?

Riffled through my cache of old costume jewelry for dangly stuff. My MIL owned an amazing amount of gaudy jewelry. God bless her! She must have known that I would need all of it much later.

Gave a little thought to the mechanics of string through cork transfer. I decided on a large needle.

I threaded the needle with some heavy fishing line with the thought that I would just stab the needle through the cork and voila it would be more than half way done. 

This seemed like a sensible idea. 

Yeah, right!

Until things got a little sticky (pun intended)

Maybe beating the needle with a hammer would be a good idea.

Meh, not so much.

Figured out that I screwed up.
Then rethought the plan.

A large straightened paperclip was employed as a threading device.


Basic Directions

1. gather stuff - large paperclip (straightened with a small loop bent on one end.), beads, something a little bigger and heavier than the beads to hang on the end, thin wire or heavy fishing line, needle-nosed pliers.
2. Thread about 8 inches of wire through loop in paperclip. 
3. Using the pliers push the paperclip through the wine cork. It is very helpful if the wine cork has that hole from the cork screw. Leave about equal amounts of wire on either side of the cork. 
4. Thread beads onto one end, tie on heavy piece. Trim excess wire. Push the beads and corks as close to the heavy piece as you can. 
5. Thread a few more beads onto the other side of the cork. Fashion a loop at this end of the ornament.

 I'm so happy with the way these turned out that I will be taking these with me to Seattle as hostess gifts.

I think this would be a fun activity for a holiday party. Everyone could than take home a little something that they made to remember the event. It could also be done on Christmas eve or Christmas day during that lull in the holiday celebrations between opening the gifts and eating dinner.

Have a happy holidays everyone



  1. First, you used "wine" and "inappropriate" in the same sentence. I'm assuming you were suffering from a lack of the "wine" portion when you wrote that.

    Second - your ornaments are WONDERFUL! I just love them!

  2. Jan: OMG! I did, didn't I. It must have been the lack of wine.

  3. These are wicked.
    I won't have a chance to say so, so my friend, I wish you a beautiful Christmas and an absolutely marvelous New Year.
    Much love to you and yours. xo

  4. LOVE these ornaments! The way I go through wine, it would take me five years to make five ornaments... Maybe I could use some help with the drinking?

  5. Oooh, clever! I'm gonna have to try this out.

  6. these are great. i'm seriously thinking about digging out my craft supplies and make some today to give to people tomorrow! thanks for a great idea!

  7. Happy Christmas Michele, and to all of yours.

  8. This is an amazingly cute idea! I have plenty of corks around since my in-laws make their own wine and insist on sharing. Not like I mind though.

  9. My uncle used to collect corks. He passed away last December. My aunt has finished a few of his projects and started a few new ones. I think this is a gorgeous idea for creating something wonderful from those corks. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Damn girl, that's a whole line of earrings! You could sell them at vineyards out here in California! Kind of a kitchy "wine-lover" earring thing!

    I had an uncle who, when he died, we discovered he had saved an inordinate number of sardine keys. Boxes and boxes of them. Just saying.

  11. That looks like the corks from my Wednesday night.