Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RTT - McGyver's got nothing on me. Well, he did but not anymore.

All ya need is Keely
Ya de de da
All ya need is Keely
All together now
All ya need is Keely
Keely's all ya need.

(apologizes to the former Beatles, the remaining spouses, and Beatles fans around the world.)

I am a member of this committee to develop an encyclopedia on the web (does that make it a weblopedia?) of Houston and Harris county. Mostly, I monitor developments and do creative stuff when needed. This weekend a spat of emails were bouncing around the committee members about asking people to serve on the board. So who's name pops up? George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara. After my initial shock (okay a little horror might have been involved. The man won't eat broccoli! I'm not sure I can trust a man that won't eat broccoli. Not to mention his politics. Broccoli is what is important here.) I reconciled with this possibility with the understanding that while the Bushs accept tons of requests like this they rarely involve themselves. Which is good because the man DOESN'T eat broccoli! 

Painting's done.( Please discount the crappy picture. It was early today when I took it.) It is leaving today for sunny Florida. I've got a couple more lined up to paint. Not this big or on this kind of time limit  or framed (everyone's place is different. I checked with Jen before I framed it.) but a couple of more profiles of little ones. Those of you that I emailed please send me your pictures so I can get started on them after Christmas.   Those of you who might want one I barter real well. Mostly, because I have no idea what to charge. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

I hit a hundred followers! Thank you everyone. You are the best!

We had a conversation about this exciting news this morning.

Me: I've hit a hundred followers. (said rather boastfully I might add. I can't help it. I'm excited)
The Girlfriend: Think of the pressure? You'll have to write more now just to appease your fans.
The Boy: Don't sell out now.

Thanks kids. 
Now, the pressure is on to produce interesting and witty comments and posts. 
Oh No, I'm not sure I can stand it. 
Wait! You all come around no matter how pedestrian and witless I am.  
Whew! Scared myself there. 

I decided to try my hand at wine cork ornaments this weekend in an effort to reduce the embarrassing number of corks floating around the house. (why don't I just throw them out? Uh, yeah, well, it's like this. I was taught to never throw anything out because it might be useful later on. Thanks to JR's mother. Probably explains why I still have her candy tin full of buttons. Hey! They are cool. I'll someday have a use for them.)

I took some beads I had hanging around, the wine cork, and one of said mother-in-laws old costume jewelry earrings to make this:

I felt like McGyver.
Except for saving the world with a roll of duct tape, a marking pen, and 9-volt battery, that is. 

I've got a whole how-to post planned for this as soon as the wounds on my hands heal. Those corks are hard little buggers.

Okay, I'm spent. Please leave a comment (help a girl out about how much I should charge for a 18 x 24 inch painting) then go visit Keely and the gang.



  1. Not to mention what to do with all those loose ducks.

  2. I'm not sure how much you should charge but if I were buying it, I'd pay about 40-50 bucks? Maybe? Good luck.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out which picture of PN to have you paint...might have to work out some sort of trade for wine, perhaps? ;) Hopefully I'll get my act together soon. And yes, I couldn't keep a straight face writing that last part.

    The painting of Sprite is AWESOME! You ROCK!

    Looking forward to seeing the 'how to' of your wine cork ornament - that turned out cool! :)

    RTT: Homework Blues and Annoying Neighbors

  4. The painting is amazing and the wine cork ornaments are awesome. You are so creative! You're making me look bad!

  5. Look at all that talent up there!!

  6. Let me be the one to burst some bubbles, but a painting done in oils will usually run the 300-500 dollar range. It depends on size. I happen to know a few artists around my area who would charge so much and they're not half as talented. (And luckily don't read blogs either or I'd be asking a lot of forgiveness.) I am literally jumping out of my chair right now in excitement! I don't know how to make it up to you, maybe soon? :-)

  7. OOH! Keep collecting and next year decorate a tree filled with just those ornaments! I would if I drank wine. I don't think me hanging cans of Miller Lite would have the same effect.

  8. You could always get creative with the corks and the buttons and a glue gun--just a suggestion on how to use some of the buttons too.
    The painting rocks!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. You should make like 5 more of those so cute cork ornaments and have a contest - you will have 200 followers by the end of the week.
    Beautiful painting, but I'm one of your fans anyway.
    Really Bush, hmm, guess that nominator's head was in the clouds. There is no stupid ideas, just stupid people. :)

  10. While I was reading I was thinking the same dollar value as Jen said but didn't want to say it in case she put out a hit on me but since she already said it.

    And wine cork decorations? Excellent excuse for drinking more wine.

  11. Congrats on #100! The wine cork ornaments are great!

  12. What you could do with the cork is light it in a glass house to get rid of pests. then use the charcoal for outline drawing. A few months ago I bought willow charcoal. I felt an idiot when I thought about it.

  13. Seriously? Vince, that is freaking brilliant!