Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RTT-Christmas will be a bit shy this year

Well hello there. Come out from behind the gaily wrapped presents, the heavenly smelling Christmas baking and the brightly lit tree. 
What you say? 
There is no gaily wrapped packages? 
No heavenly smelling Christmas baking? 
No brightly lit tree? 
Where are the damn elves? 
I ordered all this stuff months ago!

I came to the sad realization that I have an embarrassing number of wine corks. Pulled from wine bottles that I drank the wine out of (not those pansy-assed ones you buy at the craft store). This occurred to me when we needed place card holders at work for the holiday party. I went online to find cheap and easy ones. What pops out of the internets? Wine cork place card holders. I mention that this would be a fun and inexpensive project. Someone else on the planning committee mentions that our budget won't support buying enough wine corks for every dish that will be brought. Then it was the moment of reckoning. I HAVE enough for every holiday party for the next five years.

only a small selection of the ever burgeoning collection.Help Me!

From 1883 Texas cookbook

A Good Liniment
Equal parts of Iodide of ammonia and chloroform. Rub on the affected part.
I'm pretty sure that your muscles will relax just mixing this concoction.

The painting is almost done.
Just need to finish up the bushes in the right hand corner. I might be filling in along the right side as well. 

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  1. My daughter's fiancee made a corkboard from all of those old corks and it is so incredibly cool looking.

  2. I fellow in England built a garden feature with the bottles by setting them standing side by side and brushing dry concrete mix in between. It was like a flat stained-glass window 20ft by 15. 4800 all told. Or 4 years worth.

  3. The painting looks AMAZING.

    I throw out all of the corks I pull from bottles. For some reason I now feel inadequate...

  4. You are very very talented! I am just learning and on top of that just learning water color with penciles.


  5. I found myself in a similar situation with a bunch of corks and what to do with them. I made wreaths! Check it out Love the Disney painting, that's awesome. Happy RTT!

  6. I throw out all my old/used corks, because I don't want to inadvertently think they're part of my ginormous stash of new ones. ;)

    The painting is looking awesomer and awesomer! ;)

    RTT: Cute Boots, Wine Mess, Canadian Duck Hunting

  7. That painting is great!
    I had to stop Nick from saving the wine corks when Turbo decided they were great playthings and started to squirrel them away in his room. There is just something wrong about a four year old playing with wine corks--maybe it's just me.

  8. You are not alone in your wine cork collections. We have so many we are thinking of redoing our floors in cork.

  9. I throw out all my wine corks...I don't think I really want a reminder of how many bottles we go through.

  10. So pretty, the details of Sprite's Disney are great!
    I think you might pass out from the concoction from Texas.
    That would be a lot of wine, where are the bottles?

  11. You should definitely make crafts out of them, cork is getting rare. Screw-top wine bottles just aren't the same.

  12. Ohh!!! I may have to "squee" soon! I already know where it will go. Can you actually clean the wine off of corks?