Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RTT - wrapping up the craziness in one weekend.


I know what you are saying to yourself. What no pictures? Yeah, well suck it up. I'm leaving those for later in the week. Want pics? Click on the little button above. Keely's got a whole post full of post-it notes. Awesome idea bty, which I will from now on try to honor. I did say honor because stealing just sounds so naughty.

Levels of my crazy:

Not all that crazy - We have cement floors. Yeah, trendy but also a pain in the butt. Our furniture wanders all over the living room. It's crazy and it is making me crazy. Not really all that hard to do on any given day considering that I am post-menopausal. Then Sunday while looking for mollies (not sure I got the spelling on that one right. These are those little plaster doohickeys that hold screws into the wall) to rehang my magnetic knife bar (which I love bty. If you don't have one go get one today. Your knifes will thank you for it.) I found these non-furniture slip pads. At $2.99 they were all mine. JR was kind enough to lift the big chair and the love seat (the worst wandering offenders) while I got down to place these on the bottoms of the feet. JR also felt the need to make all kinds of references/comments that are not really appropriate in this venue. Guess what? These things work great! Everyone in our household will now be much better off and go on to fulfill rewarding lives because I'm not as crazy and our furniture stays where you put it.

Crazy -
I went to a football game. Think about it for a minute.
I was pretty stunned also.
I didn't understand anything that was going on out on the field but since I was offered the tickets by one of the deans I felt compelled to go. This made my usual form of entertainment while watching any sporting event, reading a book and ignoring the game out of the question. I did have my phone so texting with MaryAnne was a lifesaver. Did I mention that it was like 48 degrees? No? Well, it was. Which makes it flipping freezing for those of us from Houston and making my sacrifice even more amazing. Where is my metal? And, it better be pretty and shiny. I like pretty and shiny.

Crazy/borderline insane - 
If you haven't read my facebook status from Saturday then you don't know that I did something incredibly stupid. I signed up for a competitive 5k run. That's Is that not the dumbest thing you ever heard? Me? Running? I am the same woman that swore that I would only run when chased by a knife wielding maniac and I was on fire. 
I'm not telling Nessa, though. She is already a serious taskmaster when it comes to our weekly runs. If she knew that I needed to train for a simple 3.1 mile run she'd have my sorry butt out at the park Oh wait....she already does.

Just plain insane - 
I want to get a good nights sleep soon. Night sweats are keeping me up all night. Here is a preview of many if not all of my nights.
First I'm too hot....throw off the sheet and blanket (quilt, comforters, and bedspreads are banned on our bed and have been for quite some time.).
Then, I'm too cold......pull back blanket.
Then, I'm too hot......throw off the blanket.
Then, my shoulder's are too cold but my feet are too hot....pull blanket over just my shoulders leaving feet uncovered.
Then, dog decides to sleep on feet.
Obviously, the ritual "burning of the box of tampons" that I performed last spring has not worked. I'm open to suggestions.

Jan turned me on to CookEatShare website to share my recipes.  Today will be my first stab at this. I'm going to share my Green Tomato Parmesan recipe. Which I made again last night and was once again AWESOME!!!

Okay, that does it for me. Please leave a comment so I know you've visited and I can come by and say hi at your place.

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  1. Honor vs. stealing = genius.

    I really do need to get a magnetic knife bar - maybe I'll add it to my b-day or Christmas list for the hubby. Or maybe I should get one myself so it's the 'right' one. ;)

    YOU? At a football game? *snicker!*

    I'll be heading over to your CookEatShare post shortly - I still haven't made the Green Tomato Parmesan, but my mouth is watering thinking about it right now. :)

    RTT: B-Day Fun, Technology and Parenting Fail

  2. You can do the 5k; just don't think about all the stuff that tells you not to. I'm doing one in a week and looking forward to it. It's kind of an ego boost. :)

  3. Jim thinks that since I generally throw all the covers off of myself, he is entitled to be a blanket hog. So, when I do feel cold, I have to fight for some coverage!

  4. Would you like me to be your knife-wielding maniac? It could probably be arranged. Thoughh then I'd have to train, too.

    That sounds like one of my nights. Except at some point hubby will try to cuddle me and it will overheat me so badly I have to go sleep on the couch.

  5. Nick long ago gave up cuddling with me at night. I radiate heat and he gets too hot. There are times when I look forward to the change--just so I can be warm. The running joke at our house is that I can get cold anywhere--the beach, in front of a fire, you name it, I can be or have been cold there.
    Good luck on your run.

  6. I've always wanted cement floors. Hmm. Never thought about sliding furniture...

  7. Hi there! I am your newest follower. I found you on the blog hop! I love finding new bogs and your is lovely:) You can find me at Please have a peek at my giveaways if you come by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!

  8. We had slate tiles in our previous home. They looked awesome, but it sucks when you sit down on the sofa and it slides back six inches.

  9. I know what you mean about the knife bar, but I don't want Sprite getting ideas.
    Definitely need some of those no slip pads though. My couches are waging war on the dining room table and the console table is stuck in the middle of it all...

  10. I know what you mean about the knife bar, but I don't want Sprite getting ideas.
    Definitely need some of those no slip pads though. My couches are waging war on the dining room table and the console table is stuck in the middle of it all.
    Ottomans have perished...

  11. I like the idea of doing a 5K, but competitive??? You are brave!

    I think sharing your recipes is a GREAT idea. You have such good ones.

    Night sweats sound awful. I know they're just around the bend for me too. :(

  12. OH. You just reminded me that I'm supposed to be training people in my fantasy football league. I completely forgot I had it. I'm the worst coach ever.