Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pictures don't want to load

I've been trying to load a picture of the Liberty bell onto my site today but as luck would have it (or bitchy blogger would) I've not been able to make it happen.

I wanted to demonstrate how dry my skin is here using the crack in the Liberty Bell as a visual. *sigh*

OMG! A speaker that speaks unaccented English. No wonder, she's american. She's working in Canada. She works at isuma. Sounds like social networking and digitizing Inuit images and stuff. Cool job.

As you know I'm working from my phone so posts will be short. I will be trying to convert and upload a video I made this morning of 100+ sound and movie archivists singing an orginal song put to a folk tune. I know! Exciting stuff. It was hilarious.

Bye for now.
The archivist that was not singing, M


  1. I am no good with hi-tech. Every time something goes wrong with my cellphone, I bring it to John and say "fix it".
    John asked me, "what do you do when your phone freezes?"
    My response, "throw it".
    Nuff said.

  2. You are a whirlwind of excitement. Cheers Michele!!

  3. I beleive images of the Liberty Bell are copywrite protected after Donald Trump bought the rights.

    You can expect a call from the FCC.

  4. What kind of phone do you have? I have a droid and use PDAnet when I'm away so I can plug in my laptop and get online... I'm sure there is an iPhone app that does the same.