Friday, November 12, 2010

Charleston, South Carolina Farmers Market

 My co-worker Kelli and I were scheduled to give a talk in Charleston on Saturday morning. I packed up my stuff on Friday morning, took a harrowing shuttle ride to the airport (that I will blog about later. I'm still not over the near fatal experience.), and caught a flight from Philly to Charleston. 

After a lovely dinner at Mercato, my favorite restaurant in all of Charleston. (Another blog post for Monday. The mushroom risotto is to die for.) I wandered around Charleston looking for Kelli. She was at some tapas bar on King street. (story for later but let me just say that Coast Guard men when on dry land can't find restaurants any easier then librarians after a couple of glasses of wine)

Saturday morning found Kelli and I at the farmers market. Oh how I love me some farmers and their markets. Let me show you the lovely stuff we can across.

 There was a glass artist that was selling his beautiful work. I couldn't afford the bowls and vases he had on display, (the dude wanted about $3500 for the smallest piece. I'm a librarian not a rock star. If I was a rock star that wasn't washed up I'd have bought the sea blue bowl in the back.), but I did take a picture. I plan to paint this. In fact most of the pics I took that day will becoming a painting of some sort.

 I love the look of cotton still on the stalk. It reminds me of clouds on a stick. Or divinity candy. (Yes, it does always come down to food for me.) Cotton and/or cotton picking has some bad memories for some in the south and rightly so, doesn't make it any less photographic and fluffy. Cotton is very fluffy, like Nessa after a bath. Historical note: South Carolina was more known for their rice crops than their cotton. (you knew I couldn't help myself with the history stuff.)

Enuf said.

 I liked the look of the fur? hair? markings? (you can tell I've been around horses a bunch) This is another painting. I can tell you that the horse and the horses owner, not to mention Kelli thought I was a nut case for taking this photo. I like the play of light on each strand of fur? hair? Art is all about the light for me.

 Magnolia trees produce my favorite flower, leaves, and scent. I bought every bottle, bar, and jar of magnolia scented stuff from the homemade soap vendor 6 tents up from the flower vendor where these leaves were. Look at how glossy they are and green on one side and reddish brown on the other, Love it! Sort of reminds me of myself. Kinda staid reddish brown librarian sometimes and vibrant green goofy ball at others. The creamy scented white flowers are just our way of showing off for company.


Round again

And one more time with the round. It is becoming a theme for me.

Hand dyed silk scarfs. My mother is getting one for Christmas. (don't worry, she doesn't read my blog. She doesn't even know how to find my blog. It is bookmarked on her desktop. She still doesn't know how to find it. That's okay. She's pretty great anyway). I have to paint this. I think I'll tilt it to the right just a bit. Or maybe the left. Give it a bit of energy

There you have our trip to the Charleston Farmer's Market. We walked across the street to the hotel, gave our presentation then jumped in another airport shuttle, (a much less white knuckle trip then before) and flew home. 
The End



  1. Oh, I'm so jealous of folks who still have farmers markets to go to. *sniffle*

    We'll see photos of all these beautiful, colorful paintings? Yes? Please?

  2. Yes Jan, I will torture you all with photos of the paintings.

  3. I am a big fan of your artistic ability!! I can't wait to see your paintings, maybe you should take the one of the glass back to the guy and charge him $3500.

  4. I started to giggle at the third mention of a future post... ;)

    You have an amazing eye - and I can't wait to see the paintings you come up with! :)

  5. WOW you were SUPER close to me! Well, 2 hours, but we go to Charleston on a pretty regular basis! I LOVE the farmers market there...still known to some as the Slaves Market. For obvious reasons. No worries, I have yet to meet a person in the South who still takes offence to cotton. It is the fabric of our lives ya know! :)

  6. We have a farmers market here in our fair town all summer. However, we don't have such wonderful things to look at at ours.

  7. Can you paint people, how much do you charge, and how long does it take? I have an idea...

  8. I believe its horse hair. Hair is short and usually stops growing and falls out at a certain point while fur grows and grows, ex: Tripper has hair while Nessa has fur.

  9. That bowl is BEAUTIFUL. It seriously looks like the ocean. Maybe even prettier. I've never seen such awesome glasswork in my life...

    I'm going to stare at that picture some more now.

  10. Horse hair. As in something stuffed with ..... .
    And you really are a bit of a rolling stone.

    Can one get a train from texas to pennsylvania thence to charleston and back to texas.

  11. Laufa: Great idea!

    Stacy: I have stories galore.

    Jess: If I had been in town longer then 2o hours I would have called. Next time, Okay?

    Vandy: We have farmers markets here but they are not as cool as this one.

    Candace: Thanks for the info. Tripper's hair falls out at an alarming rate.

    Diedra: The bowl was seriously beautiful! I still want it.

    Vince: There is a train if I want to spend 5 days traveling. Which I certainly would do but I didn't really have time. Sometimes rolling stones have to roll fast.

  12. Hide! It's horse HIDE! Don't make me come out there.

  13. Wow, I love your photos. Transforming them into paintings will be a bit of a process, but I may have to 'trade' for one of the results...;)