Friday, November 26, 2010

Can't stop to post much, painting all day

Can't stop to post much. I've got to get a large portion of a large picture done this weekend. I'm hosting a conference at the library next week so painting and posting will be slim until next weekend. Hopefully, all this activity will keep me from carb loading like I did yesterday (most awesome roasted garlic mashed potatoes ever!).

I've put the family on alert that food will not be presented at the table at any time. They are on their own. I suspect that's going to cost me $$ and the fast food joints will need to put on more help. Maybe, I should have had the courtesy to warn them. Let's call it my surprise Christmas gift to Whataburger and Pizza Hut.



  1. The one in the middle is married. And all have some sort of ring, but the ring with the girl on the left looks like a Class Ring on a promise. While on the right it could be such, or a large engagement ring.
    I comment so for I doubt any of them are much above twenty. And the one I think is married looks about fifteen.
    This looks mid to late fifties so these were amongst the last to marry so young as a complete cohort.
    Happy days mixing.

  2. If anyone told me the next week would involve Pizza Hut, I'd kiss them full on the lips!

    Good luck getting everything ready for the conference!

  3. One free day, throw together some casseroles to freeze. So when a painting day comes around again they can heat up and eat, then you won't worry.