Sunday, November 21, 2010

Auguste Rodin sculptures

I love Rodin sculptures. 
I love Rodin because when I lived in Los Angeles in 1979/1980, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Rodin sculpture garden was my sanctuary. I was more than a thousand miles from home. I didn't know anyone. I was very young. I was from a small town. I felt stranded, physically and emotionally (we are not going to go there), in a big city. The sculpture garden got me through.

I took refuge in the garden. 
It was where I found peace.

 I would walk among the sculptures and feel like I was surrounded by people.
Those sculptures were so lifelike.
I would walk up to them just to assure myself that they were bronze.

 The line of muscle.

The expression on faces.
The sense of movement. 

The emotion that each piece invoked.
I loved it all. 

I felt alive.
I felt inspired.

I felt like I belonged.
Belonged in that one place in that huge city.
As you can see, this time out of time spent with these lovely, emotional and sometimes disturbing pieces had and still have a profound effect on me. 

Every chance I get to be among his work I take it.
It may be silly but it feels very spiritual to me.

Okay, I promised that I had posted the last of the Philadelphia photographs but I just had to share these. And, since it is Sunday very few people will see them. So I can totally cheat.
The white sculptures are the casts. The dark ones are the finished bronzes. 



  1. You now must visit his museum in Paris. It's amazing and there's a beautiful flower/sculpture garden out back.

  2. I LOVE Rodin sculptures! I have a couple of small pieces of his. Such a brilliant artist! :)