Thursday, October 7, 2010

My palette

I have several choices in palettes. Plastic, paper and wood (Sort of like grocery bags). I have tried all three and have definite preferences.  Let's review. Just in case you want to try your hand at painting and because I tend to babble nonsensically about painting and because I've taken some time off from painting lately but have now got my I've got to paint to the exclusion of anything else grove back. This grove does not bode well for the family. They seem to like to eat. For some reason they frown at me when I answer BLUE to the question of; "what's for dinner?"

Let's talk about palettes instead of my family's crazy questions. ("What's for dinner?" Indeed!)

Plastic: This is the first type of palette that I tried. I quickly learned that this was not the palette for me. It's slick and hard to blend. It is also hard to clean those little tubs. It would help if I had actually sprang for an actual plastic oil paint palette. But, I AM the same woman that started painting with watercolours before I tried any other type of medium. What does this say about me? I'm cheap and I have to do things the hard way.

Paper: Paper is cool. It is a little slick yet not hard to blend paints on. It also has one really great feature. When you are done you pull the sheet off the pad and toss it away. It's a tidy format. I like tidy. Or I did for awhile. Then I went to the dark side.

The Dark Side Wood:  I have become a new convert to the wood palette cult. I hope I don't have to do anything weird. Wood is not convenient and it is not tidy. It doesn't clean up well. You have to scrape them off every once in awhile. They are a waste of money because as they get all painted up you have to throw them away. Or do you? I've decided that I like the look of a blobby wood palette. It is sort of functional abstract art. I can live with that. I've decided that I will now just hang my palettes as art once I'm done with them. JR is not going to like that. He's a bit more conventional when it comes to art. He likes a flower to look like a flower. Me? Not so much.

So there you have your choices of palettes. Or you could use paper plates. They make very nice disposable palettes. I don't use them because they are a little too bendy for me.

We've learned three things today.
1. Michele has to do things the hard way
2. Michele has embraced her need to be messy
3. Michele will hang any old piece of crap on the wall and call it art.

Here is the start of my newest piece of crap painting. It is not even close to being done. I'm thinking a vase with some sort of flowers and a piece of fruit or two. This is just the base. I have something in my head and a picture I like to go off of but I don't know yet. The whole thing might take a turn. It will be what it will be. How zen of me.

 I've been dabbling in abstract impressionism these days (so be prepared). 
I love how it makes me feel. 
All happy like. 

Have you got a particular style/genre of art that you like?

I'd love to know



  1. I guess I should tell Blogger it's being weird. It ate my comment. I like art I can see. And it should me me stop. Whatever it is that I'm doing, I mean.

  2. The wood palette looks the coolest. You should also take that into consideration. :-P

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  3. OHH! I like it! Of course, I know NOTHING about art, other than sometimes I like, sometimes I don't. There is nothing more in it for me! So glad you are enjoying yourself!

    And you should never call your artwork it masterful works of progression!

  4. I can't paint, so I don't have a favored style.

    At least JR doesn't like a flower to look like a vagina.

  5. I'm a classic kind o' gal when it comes to art, although I really like surrealism when it's subtle.

    My mother painted, mostly still life and landscapes and mostly with acrylics, and used paper palettes. Ah, the memories...

  6. You ever had a canvas turn to mud on you.
    I rescued mine by highlighting in yellow and white a forest twilight and liberally placed with a fan brush yellow bushes along the sides. Basically the reverse of what I was after which was dark edges and light in the middle -sorta Tipperary, Dutch school. But I keep it for I learned more from that one than all the semi-successful ones. It is still, in certain light extremely sinister.

    There is a vaguely Mexican feel about your palette of colours is this because of the outside light.

  7. Someday, my home will be covered with Michele ala Dog's Life art. Ever since I got my starter piece, I'm hooked!!

  8. Now you can start and etsy store and sell your art!


  9. I like your painting. I like all kinds of art except the ones I think are called minimalist? (Is that the kind where someone paints a perfect square or circle in a solid colour on a white canvas and calls it art?)

    I had a good look at your wood palette and wondered if you use the thumb hole? Because there seems to be paint all around it. Do you blend on your thumb or hold the palette in an unconventional way?

  10. I like watercolor landscapes and acrylic/egg tempra realism. However, your abstract makes me feel warm and cozy.

  11. What are you talking about? That is not even remotely close to crap! That is GOOD!

    I didn't know there were so many types of palettes!

  12. I'm so impressed! I've always been hopeless with any kind of visual art. I vote wooden. It's just so...Van Gogh or something. You know what I mean?