Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer was a little tough on everyone

It's been a pretty rough summer.
Very hot and humid.
I am so ready for it to be over.

My sage and basil have been suffering.
I keep thinking that the rosemary would dry up but it has hung in there.
The strawberries were looking pretty peaky a couple of weeks ago but last weekend we had a ripe strawberry on it. Unfortunately, the birds got to it before I did.
The citronella and the oregano has been loving the heat. They are about the only ones.

Another couple of things that have been loving the heat and the shade of our patio are the gardenias. Look at those suckers!
Gardenias Gone Wild!
They are getting so wild that I've been considering trimming them. I think I'll wait until they flower. I'm thinking of the fragrance!

We are cooling down to the eighties next week and the humidity is suppose to let up.
Let "coffee on the patio" season begin.

Everyone have a great day today and a wonderful weekend.


  1. You have a great day as well and Happy Birthday to ya. Enjoy your day and the Gardenias. Cheers Michele!!

  2. I will not trust that forcast until I can actually feel it. :-)
    Happy birthday, Michele! Muchos besos from Florida!

  3. It was 90 here all week, until last night. Today's high is 65. That's my kind of weather!

  4. This year I couldn't grow Basil at all, yet. It would germinate and promptly die.
    But that herb corner of yours looks specially good and healthy.

  5. I yearn to be a great gardener, but am not. Still, I keep trying.

  6. The only only of my herbs that survived our 100+ degree heat this summer was the rosemary. We've got 70s all next week and after last weeks little heat wave I cannot wait.

  7. It's been beastly miserable in PHX. October is this weekend it's STILL 107! Did you see we had 111 last Sunday? The mint pots made it through summer but this latest evil, rotten, nasty heatwave did 'em all in. Enjoy those cooler temps this week :-)

  8. You know the upside to the horridly hot summer there is that while our growing season is winding down here, your second growing season is about to crank up there.

    I'm more than a little jealous.

  9. It was so humid I pretty much achieved NOTHING this summer. No huge camping trips, no hikes, no day trips, nada. Gotta make up for it now in the blissfully cool autumn!

  10. Happy Birthday, Michele!!!!