Monday, September 20, 2010

Lucky in Dallas

After a couple of fails (yes, waiter at the Irish pub on the N. Central Expressway, I would be talking about you. 45 minutes to get a menu is unacceptable. Having to get up and get them myself is ridiculous. $7.95 for a glass of house red after all that waiting is robbery. Our second waiter was much better but did we have to have two? ) at finding a decent place to eat in Dallas we did what any smart person would do. We asked a local where a good place to have breakfast was. In the parking lot of the frou frou Starbucks. She looked at us a little strange at first but she got over it. We don't normally look like serial killers but we hadn't had our coffee yet.

She had 2 suggestions. The first, was if we wanted to eat hardy food. The second, was if we wanted to eat chi chi food. (her words).

Now, I like chi chi food as well as the next person but we wanted hardy for the drive back to Houston.

So hardy it was.

That took us to Lucky's.

I was totally charmed from the first moment we walked in the door. As MaryAnne texted me....Lucky's is Fab!

We were meet by the sweetest and smartest gentleman ever.

Gentleman: Welcome to Lucky's. Sir, I see you brought your daughter for breakfast.
JR: Hahaha (after a quelling look from me) yes I did.
Gentleman: How about you take that nice place by the window.

As you can see by my half eaten (sorry I was really hungry and forgot to take the picture before I started to chow down.) huevos rancheros. The food was hardy. JR had the migas. He loved it though he wasn't as thrilled with their refried beans. They were a little spicy for him. We didn't trade because the refried beans were not vegetarian but I had extra black beans that I was willing to share so he got filled up.

What can I say about the wait staff? Wonderful! Menu = check, water = check, coffee = YES and plenty of it!!!!, hot food = check.

All and all a great experience in a place that I felt at home in. How could I not? Look at all the paintings of dogs in the first picture.

If you are ever in Dallas stop into Lucky's. It is well worth it.



  1. 45 minutes to wait for a menu? Insane! At least your hardy breakfast turned out to be a much better experience! :)

  2. I like Lucky's, but if you'd have asked me I'd have sent you to Cafe Brazil. Hearty breakfasts with MANY vegetarian options and the best damn coffee in North Dallas (or Deep Ellum, depending on which you go to; I prefer the one in North Dallas, right off of Central Expwy, myself).

    As for the Irish pub, you should have gone to The Londoner on Midway in Addison. If it's still there.

  3. I love going out to diners for breakfast. It's usually a good, filling meal at a decent price. A much better value than going out to a restaurant for dinner.

  4. Stacy; It gave me plenty of time to nurse that glass of wine.

    Jan; I should have contacted you before we left. I could have had places all lined up. Next time, okay?

    Jay; Diners are great. Usually they run from unique to bizarre. Which I love.

  5. What in Gods name were ya sitting about for 45 min. If they haven't taken your order in 5 they are not really trying at a business of getting you in fed and out, then ready for the next person.
    But could you round the plate and sey what's each splash of colour.

  6. Vince: We were enjoying the company of some folks sitting next to us and an adult beverage but after awhile it got to be ridiculous.

  7. In the words of Dora, it looks "delicioso!"
    (shoot me. please.)

  8. Love the Huevos Rancheros...Looks like a fun spot in spite of the wait. Cheers Michele!!

  9. That's a long way to go from breakfast, but I'll give it a shot.

  10. American's eat beans for breakfast?

    If I ever find myself in Dallas, Lucky's it is!

  11. We heart @Jan. Thanks for the plug! Lucky's is pretty darn good. Any place that serves fried okra is a-ok in my book. We hope you'll come see us sometime. We'd love to see a review on your blog!

  12. How can refried beans be un-vegetarian?

    Did they have milkshakes? They look like they should have had good ones.