Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lake Livingston, Texas - finding this place has changed our life.

This place is a little over an hour from our home. We didn't know about it. It was just sitting up there all calm and cool like not even knowing our need for someplace just a little cooler, just a little less populated, just a little less metropolitan.

We walked along the shore. We drove through the campsites dreaming of the ones that we would chose; once we unearthed our camping gear. We had a little picnic at the waters edge. We played a little fetch.

This is Nessa and JR's favorite game. Tripper and I had a nice little view of the action. It's what we do. And, what a view it was. Blue sky and water, green grass and a beloved man and dog. Bucolic? Much!

Nessa needed to tease JR to come steal the ball from her. Then is it right back to chasing the ball. Until this happens.

Nessa's balls tend to bounce off her nose. This time it bounced into the lake. It was all JR could do to keep her from jumping in after it. Since, we don't know if she can swim we didn't think that was a good idea.

We plan to go up camping here in about 3 weeks. I'll bring you all along.

Now, it's off to meetings today. Tomorrow will be the best day of all. That's the day that we will be scanning into digital 100+ year old maps. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. Technology and old stuff, it just doesn't get any better than that in my world.



  1. That looks like a bit of heaven out there! I'm glad you're going back for some camping!

  2. Ahhhh...sometimes you make me very homesick, girl.

    Gonna post the maps? Pretty please???

  3. Beautiful!

    The maps do sound cool. Have fun.

  4. Old maps! YEAH!


  5. And bring some extra balls. Gorgeous spot.

  6. You are such a nerd. A cool nerd but a nerd all the same.

    That place looks gorgeous. Is it starting to cool off a bit your way? Today's heat didn't seem AS grueling.