Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A list of 10 Random Collections with accompanying photos

I didn't have any random thoughts. Okay, I did but I'm getting old and if I don't write them down immediately I will forget them.
Then I usually forget where I put the paper down that I wrote them on.
Then I pull out my wallet to pay for a kolache and
then the small slip of paper falls out.
Then I remember what I wanted to tell you that was sooooo interesting that I had to write it down. I don't really buy kolaches. I don't think I've ever had a kolache. I'm not really sure what kolaches are but if kolaches are anything like beignets then I NEED one now!

So because I can't remember anything interesting to tell you and I don't have a kolache and I have a ton of crap that I should be documenting, for insurance purposes (Ha! Like I own anything worth insuring. Gotcha!), I'll show you 10 collections of old stuff I have hanging around my house. I dusted off the cobwebs so they are safe to touch.

Here are 10 interesting collections of stuff with accompanying photos that I kept from my Mother-in-laws house. Please ignore the crumbs on the placemats. It was the housekeepers day off. It seems to always be her day off. Gawd, she's lazy. All I can say is she's cheap. Toss her a fridge full of veggies and she's good to go. Go off and do nothing that is.

1. Two pendant watches, a tie pin made from some of the gold that JR's grandfather brought down from the Yukon in 1910, and my mother-in-laws' baby locket that her father gave her when she was one week old. Which would have been the first week of November 1912.

2. Old pin cushion shaped like a shoe. I'm not really a shoe kind of gal but this appealed to me. I have no idea why. Maybe I make some sort of connection between sharp pointy things and shoes. It is a complete waste of time trying to figure why I do keep something.

3. Two shoe button hooks. Why I kept these is anyone's guess. I personally like shoes that slip on. All that nasty tying of laces is just exhausting. Buttoning my shoes? Out-of-the-question!

4. A lock of my husband's baby curls and the bracelet his mother was given to wear at the hospital. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I have the bracelet that the nurses put on him in his baby book.

5. Gypsy witch cards. Probably one of the oddest things I ever found. No that's not true. The oddest thing would be the sex manual but this rates right up there.

6. Art deco playing cards. Pretty, no? I plan to frame a few of these. I love love love the box.

7. Salt and/or sugar cutter and tongs. I'm not really sure if these were for salt or sugar. Anyone? Doesn't matter, I think they are terrific. I think I'll hang them on the wall.

8. Silk stocking mending kit. Yeah, because I'll ever be wearing silk stockings. I barely wear socks and I never wear pantyhose. Nasty things...pantyhose.

9. Razor. I kept it because....I liked the peacock? I don't know but I won't be shaving my legs with this thing.

10. Pocket comb, pill box, and compact. The little round thing flips open to reveal a mirror and a place to put face powder. Pretty sweet. I kept these because they could be useful in a totally never going to be way. Wouldn't they be great in a shadowbox?

There you have it. Ten random collections of stuff that I kept for probably 10 random reasons that I can't remember now but I'll never get rid of any of them. (do you think a grammar class is in order? Me too.)

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  1. GORGEOUS finds girlie!

    kolaches - super easy to make - and very tasty - if you like preserves!

  2. I think it's all VERY cool - none of it is worth insuring???

    I hate pantyhose, too. Loathe them, actually.

  3. How come you never pulled this stuff out when I lived less than a mile from you? Now you live 2,400 miles away and you pull out the good stuff! I see how it is. Actually, I have seen the art deco cards, the box is very cool. I bet the shoe pin cushion could be put back into service if someone made a new cushion for it ;)

  4. There are lots of kolache shops here in south Texas. Various kinds, meats, cheeses, etc.

    Those are some unique collections you got there. Very interesting.

    I always trying to remember blog worth stuff to post. Lately, I've been emailing myself ideas. I can do it anywhere from my phone then go back and read them later.

  5. I'm not really sure what a kolache is, let alone if it's tasty. I'll just go with it. Those are awesome things--I like the button hooks. ANd the razor, but I never let it near my legs either.

  6. At least the stuff you hoard is worth something. :-) Love the new header!

  7. Wow. And WOW. I could only ever wish my mother-in-law would have stuff that cool at her house! Loved "useful in a totally never going to be way" :)

  8. That is very real treasure!!

    I have a watch from my grandma similar to your #1 items.

    I had forgotten just how pretty playing card boxes used to be!!!

  9. Neat stuff. My husband is a huge collector, so we have lots of random collections too. None as cool as your stuff, though.

  10. Oh Wow...I really dig those playing cards. Sweeet. Cheers Michele!!

  11. That hospital bracelet is really cute, the actual hospital made it for them? Cool.

    Now where do you keep all of this stuff? Like displayed or hidden away? I never know what to do with the sentimental stuff I kept of my gram's.

  12. I love those art deco cards. Gorgeous.

    Love the new header, btw!