Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RTT - Yeah, so I'm out of town again

It's Tuesday. Which makes it random. Yada Yada Yada After you've read my brief and probably bitchy post, leave a comment then go visit all the rest of the gang that plays, "Let's Make Random" over at Keely's place.

Here's the view out of my hotel room in Austin tonight.

It's much better than this view in Austin.

and not as good as this one in San Francisco.

Why is it that when you mention to the waiter that you don't eat meat they act like they are doing you a favor when they bring you a big plate of over cooked veggies mixed with pasta and no seasonings? None! Zip! Zero! Nada! What do you do when your dinner is sub par? I've lived in the south too long and it's only been a year. I didn't say anything. I just poured a little of my wine on the meal. Instantly dinner got tastier. I need to write a book for traveling vegetarians.

Chatted with The Boy tonight:
The Boy: do you guys still get hbo?
8:42 PM me: no
8:43 PM why?
The Boy: theres this show about new orleans called Treme
its great
i'll bring it with me
8:46 PM me: I've got 5 channels of hotel tv crap, 4 of sports and 3 news channels and that does not include Fox which I don't consider news
The Boy: oh you're in austin?
me: my hbo channel has some sort of wwii thing on
8:47 PM watching pbs
The Boy: nice
8:48 PM me: well, what can you do
The Boy: what are you there for?
8:49 PM me: I'm going to chair the first meeting of the Texas Digital preservation meeting
The Boy: congrats on that
me: thanks
The Boy: how big a meeting we talking about here?
me: we'll see if I totally fuck it up
8:50 PM The Boy: haha
you'll do fine
you're quick on your feet and you can bullshit pretty well
8:51 PM me: turns out to be a blessing

Special Days this week:

Today is Garlic Day. You would have never know it from my dinner. The cook must not have gotten the memo.
Tomorrow (or really today) is National Upside-down Cake Day. Can't we have a cake kind of day everyday?
Wednesday is Kindergarten Day, everyone go visit VodkaMom. She's the only kindergarten teacher I know. Well, I don't really know her in person but I feel like I know her in a totally unreal blog sort of way. That does too count.

The wildflowers blooming along side the road on the drive here were just lovely. In fact, so pretty I was even more distracted while driving than I usually am. Ranging in colors from soft pink to violent magenta, gorgeous yellows, blues, and oranges. Where are the pictures? It's well you should ask. I forgot to bring my camera. I contemplated sneaking out one of my D300 Nikons (yeah I have access to more than one) but decided that with my luck I'd break it. This is not the time to break an expensive camera. Tomorrow is my one year anniversary. I'll be out of my probationary period tomorrow. Breaking things will have to wait until Wednesday.

Best Recommendations for Napa Cabernet Sauvignon's under $100

I am totally sure that this person is happy to find a wine for under $100 but I have to tell you that I'm pretty happy to find one for under $10

Well, I think that is probably enough out of me today. You all have a great day. I'm going to try not to make a fool of myself and then drive home.



  1. Good luck on your meeting. Preserve the Hell out of em' in Austin. Cheers Michele!!

  2. No seasonings?? Must of been disgusting!! You definitely need to write that cookbook!
    I really dislike those cooks that think salt is the only seasoning out there.

    Wish you had taken one of the cameras as those flowers sound beautiful!!

    Congrats on surviving a year in Houston!

  3. Over cooked veggies with no seasoning? I would have sent it back, but then again, you never know what you'd get as replacement. Genius pouring some of your wine on it, though!

    Good luck with your meeting today - knock 'em dead! Well, not literally. That might not be a good idea. Especially so close to the end of your probation.

  4. I'm so jealous that you're in Austin. This is the time of year I start to jones for it. Which is weird, because this is the time of year it starts to become hotter than hell. And it seems like Austin would totally be THE place in Texas to find decent vegetarian. Hmm. That book sounds like an excellent idea, by the way.

  5. Speaking of HBO - I'm waiting to see "You Don't Know Jack" on Saturday. It's about Jack Kevorkian and it's starring Al Pacino. I've partied with Jack a few times. "Janet the Good" portrayed by Susan Sarandon was a very good friend of mine. I miss her always (died of cancer) and the movie trailer makes me cry. I'm hoping the movie deos well.

  6. Beat the other time. I'm sure you will be funny and outrages and very entertaining.


  7. You really SHOULD write a cookbook! I'm not joking either. You should!

  8. Hmmm... Garlic Day. I bet those veggies would have benefited from some of that garlic love.

    Enjoy Austin... and some wine.

    Happy Random!

  9. maybe the waiter should have known about garlic day, then your no seasoned veggies would give you some killer breath to smack his nose with! LOL
    Just found you today. Love it!

  10. Well the meeting is probably over by now and you probably nailed it. Who knew being able to BS would be a skill? Awesome.

    Also, kudos on pouring your wine into your meal.. that never would have occurred to me. Well, I don't drink wine so "Coke Pasta" probably wouldn't be great.