Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rtt - Paintings and such

Keely and friends play this little game called Random Tuesday Thoughts. It's all about taking bits and pieces of posts that just don't warrant a whole post by themselves put them all together and pretend they are a whole post. Want to play? Go here to link up.

Here are a few paintings I've been working on.

First my Tuscan House.
Yeah, the perspective is off but I've decided that this is folk art.
Folk art doesn't have to be right on.
The perspective can be off a bit.
Trees that don't look quite right.
You know, sort of native and simple.
That brings us to.......

Here's my poppy field.
JR likes this one.
I think it will look better framed.
I didn't get this in the photo but the sky turned out really well.

These two I like a lot.
JR likes the daisy one and I like the tulips.
Aren't they arrow straight?
I like that about them.
I'll probably fix that but for now I'm enjoying the dichotomy of the crazy background and the soldier straight tulips.
Isn't that awesome?

I've also got a sailboat painting started but I'm waiting for the base to dry a bit before I paint the sailboats.

My friend Candy suggested this t-shirt for me. It has two of my favorite things, wine and books. There are others here.

Our peach tree has a dozen little peaches on it. They are fuzzy and sweet looking. The lime tree is just setting fruit. Our herb garden is going crazy. I'm going to start thinking about drying some of it. I think little bags of dried herbs would make great Christmas gifts. What do you think?

Go visit all the players in this crazy game.


PS: I'm feeling pretty insecure these days so if you wouldn't mind clicking the little stumble upon button below maybe my stats will go up and I can stop obsessively checking them. Because I do. All the damn time. What is it with me that I've got this crazy competition going with which days of the week get more hits and which type of post gets more hits over another type of post? I'll spend all day today thinking is Tuesday random post going to kick Meatless Monday's butt? Don't even get me started with wordless Wednesday.


  1. Hey Lady, I haven't read you in a while. Glad to see you!!
    Herbs for gifts sound like a great idea, I wouldn't mind getting them and I bet you could do a give away if you had an abundance of it.
    Jealous of the fruit trees.
    Wow, you are an amazing artist! I wouldn't mind having your flower pics for my living room - my colors and I like the stubborness of the tulips and the whimsy of the daiseys. They make a good pair.
    I'm going to steal your t-shirt and recommend it to another bloggie friend...she likes wine also.
    BTW, don't forget you always have lurkers...I've been one, when I just don't feel like typing. Forget about counting the commentors.
    Have a great random day!!

  2. Love that T shirt. And those paintings?? My dear you are so talented!!

  3. Look at you all talented and stuff! LOVE those paintings! Impressive! :) That T-Shirt is right up my ally, too!

  4. you are a painter as well...well, as well as everything else?

    I love your paintings, I really do. The colors are intense. The poppies are beautiful.

    When did your header change...hahahaha. Is there a deep meaning? Am I utterly clueless? do NOT answer that last question. :)

  5. Your paintings are beautiful and I agree with the favorite things: wine and books. Even better together!

  6. Your paintings are so beautiful! You have a lot of talent.

  7. I love your paintings! And I agree, they are folk art! And very good folk art.

    I too check my stats and wonder about them all the time. I so understand...


  8. omigosh, I LOVE that first painting. You're absolutely right, the perspective looks like it's "supposed" to be a little bit off. LOVE IT.

    And I'm diggin' the new header, too!

    I hadn't checked my stats in quite a while and I did yesterday. Now I wish I hadn't.

  9. Stat checking will drive you insane. Promise. ;)

    Books and wine are possibly the two best things in the universe.

  10. I love the poppies. And ignore stats, no good can come from watching those. If you're really desperate for numbers include the word "porn" in every post.

  11. Books and wine? Some of the best stuff on earth. And the paintings are wonderful and fabulous. Happy RTT!

  12. Thanks for the sticky at your paintings. I like them all, but the tulips are my favourite. The composition is spot on, in my opinion.

  13. So another give away of your paintings, yes?
    If I keep entering, I'll have to win SOMETIME.. :-)

  14. That t-shirt is totally you. Setup a Paypal account and I'll contribute toward getting it for you! ;)

    I love the paintings, you, my dear, have talent.