Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RTT - He's not Corpulent; he's big boned's Tuesday.
I'm pretty blank right now. I barely have thoughts let alone random ones. If you want to play along, grab the button and head straight to Keely's to link up.

This is Tripper under our bed. Now, you wouldn't normally think too much about a smallish sized dog crawling under the bed but this is an overweight (big boned) Corgie. Let's take a moment to do some quick calculations.

The clearance here is 7 inches from floor to the bottom of the frame. The dog is 34 inches from nose to stubby little tail. He stands 14 inches tall but his legs only make up 5 inches of the number, making his body height 9 inches. He is a rather stout 9.5 inches wide across his tummy. If I've done my math right (and that is not a given. I'm a librarian we're not known for our math skills) that is 4522 cubic inches of furry contrariness.

I'm no mathematician (see above librarian disclaimer) but it doesn't seem like those sort of numbers would lead to him being able to crawling under the bed but there he is. Of course, JR has to rescue him because once Tripper gets under the bed it is almost impossible for him to get back out from under the bed. It's a matter of lifting the bed and pulling the dog or a combination there of. I tend to laugh while inside I weep for him when watching the going under and getting out maneuvers. It's funny in a tragic way.

Got this email from a friend on Saturday:

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 11:32 PM, Candace wrote:
clicked on your FEEDJIT Live and saw that someone was searching from for how to hide the smell of marijuana and brought up your site. Interesting. Whatever it takes to get more hits on the site, man.

Tallahassee, Florida arrived from on "It's a Dog's Life: Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme" by searching for hide marijuana smell rosemary lavender.

JR's response was: haven't they ever heard of incense?
Me: Honey, it's been a long time since the 70s.

There is something for most everyone to celebrate.

April 2010

  • African-American Women's Fitness Month, Natl
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Cancer Control Month
  • Car Care Months
  • Card and Letter Writing Month, Natl
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month, Natl
  • Confederate History Month
  • Couple Appreciation Month
  • Customer Loyalty Month, Intl
  • Decorating Month, Natl
  • Donate Life Month, Natl
  • Emotional Overeating Awareness Month
  • Fresh Florida Tomato Month
  • Grange Month
  • Holy Humor Month
  • Humor Month, Natl
  • Informed Woman Month
  • Jazz Appreciation Month
  • Kite Month, Natl
  • Knuckles Down Month, Natl - This one I need to work on
  • Landscape Architecture Month, Natl
  • Month of the Young Child
  • Occupational Therapy Month, Natl
  • Pecan Month, Natl
  • Pet First Aid Awareness Month, Natl
  • Pharmacists War on Diabetes
  • Physical Wellness Month
  • Poetry Month, Natl
  • Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month
  • Rosacea Awareness Month
  • School Library Media Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Natl
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Education and Awareness Month, Natl
  • Soyfoods Month - I'm celebrating this one
  • Straw Hat Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Twit Award Month, Intl - Where's my award?
  • Women's Eye Health and Safety Month
  • Workplace Conflict Awareness Month
  • World Habitat Awareness Month
  • Youth Sports Safety Month, Natl
Which one are you going to make special this month?



  1. Humor Month....I need lots of it in my life living with teenagers!!

    Youth Sports Safety Month....I am a nervous nellie with Seth doing the high jump!!

  2. I think I'll go with Alcohol Awareness Month. I will try to become as aware of alcohol as I can.

  3. With the amount of injuries we've had lately (another trip to emergency last weekend!) I think we'll try to keep the last one in mind. Think it will make a difference if I tell the half-dozen that we're observing Youth Sports Safety Month?

  4. Dogs seem to be good at getting into spots they can't really get out of. Cats do the same thing. They climb up trees that can't get down from. Maybe they just like the attention.

    I guess I'll go with Alcohol Awareness Month. I'll have some Gentleman Jack to celebrate. ;-)

  5. I'm going with straw hats, which I will drink out of a clay jug in honour of alcohol awareness.

  6. So many months! Can we celebrate more than one?

  7. I can barely live a basic life and now i"m supposed to remember all this too? I need a three day nap

  8. You made me is a long way from the 70's, BUT there are lots of 70's people still living....