Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Life in 1494 Moralist Poetry Images

If you all wanted to know what I look like this is a pretty good representation. Surrounded by books, glasses perched on my nose, and jingle bells hanging off my coat. Just exactly like me. With the exception of the broom. I don't sweep. Sweeping is too closely related to housekeeping. By doing any housekeeping it gives people the impression that I should be cleaning house. Now, we wouldn't want to give anyone that impression.

I do love to garden. Maybe, not stand behind a plow or anything type gardening. More like Gentlewoman type gardening. You know, little plots of dirt with salad fixings, herbs and maybe a zucchini plant or two. We are definitely not talking production gardening. I went out of the "puttin' up for the winter" stuff years ago. But if I ever got a wild hair and decided to stand behind a plow I would always wear my hat with the bells on it. One has to have standards.

That would be me standing at the table cooking. Obviously, things like manners have been pretty lax in my kitchen. From now on I want everyone that comes into my kitchen to tip their hat at me. Smiling would be nice. Clubs are optional.

This looks vaguely like every party I've ever given; lots of eating, drinking and talking. I'm okay with that but what I object to is the wearing of silly hats. We don't wear silly hats when we drink. It wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be convenient. They would fall off. Into our drink and that is what is wrong with wearing silly hats while drinking.

Disclaimer: It was agreed that the images below should be shown for entertainment value only and should not be taken to reflect any type of behavior on the part of the blog owner, blog owner's spouse or blog owner's family. Any correlation to the blog owner's life, real or imagined, is flatly denied. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

The blog management does not condone the use of torture. Especially while fools are looking on. The use of bondage should be kept in the confines of your own home. If you are into that. Not that we are saying you are or aren't. Or that you should or shouldn't be; we just don't want to know about it. (fingers in ears....lalalalala)

Timmy! I've fallen in the well. Go get Lassie!

Any of these images parallel your life? Except the torture one. Remember...fingers in the ears.



  1. I'd be the barefoot one at the party.

  2. By the way, I love your header!


  3. I wear bells and funny hats as often as possible.

  4. I can relate to the torture one, but no need to stick your fingers in your ears - it's simply how I feel every time I look at my teenager's bedroom.


  5. This is so cool I had to look it up. The book is called "Ship of Fools" and evidently was a big hit in Europe and went into several translations way back in the 1500s! Love the library guy in Elvis Costello glasses.

  6. It just goes to show that there is nothing new under the sun. Love the booties.

  7. That second to last one sort of looks like how my week went. Metaphorically speaking, anyway.

    Those drawings are GREAT. I should do a series with modern "morals"...