Monday, February 8, 2010

What I'm calling "Eggs Italiano"

Every Sunday morning I make a big breakfast. A big breakfast that consists of eggs of some sort. Omlettes, huevos rancheros, scrambles, over-easy, hard boiled, baked, you name a way to make eggs and I've done it. Why? Because eggs are an excellent source of protein. Because eggs are so versatile. Because, even with the whole cholesterol thing eggs are still good for you. Because, I love eggs. No, seriously, almost as much as cheese and that's saying something.

My love of all things egg leaves me sometimes baffled on how to fix them. I don't like to make them the same way in the same month. Call me fickle or ADD but fried over-easy with toast every single Sunday gets old.

One of my favorite ways to eat eggs is Eggs Benedict but since I don't eat meat the Benedict part is a little difficult. So I do my own version with veggies but it did start me thinking. What is the essentials of Eggs Benedict? What makes the quintessential Eggs Benedict? Bread, meat, poached eggs and sauce. Swapping out the meat with veggies makes for a veggie version.

Poaching eggs is a bitch so I don't always do it. Instead I steam them more than poach them. This recipe calls for them to be steamed. I'm just trying to make them easier for ya'll. I truly want you to believe that I steam them to make it easier on all of you. I deeply want you to believe this because if I had to admit how lazy I am it would be embarrassing.

Enough of this tomfoolery. Let's just get to the how-to portion of the post. There isn't really a strict recipe for this meal. It is more of a clean out the icebox and add a theme.

Here is our cast of characters.
It is mostly a batch of stuff I had hanging out contentedly in my icebox.
Little did they know that I would be making them into our breakfast.
I mean, this group had to know that they were to become something for us to eat.
They just may not have thought they'd be an egg dish.
If they had any kind of conscience thought that is.

Chop up the onion, mushrooms, and garlic.
I used about a 1/4 of a medium onion, a half a cup of sliced mushrooms and 1 clove of garlic.

Over medium heat warm up some olive oil.
When the oil is hot toss in the onion and mushroom.
When they are cooked soft toss in the chopped garlic.
I'm using my all time favorite pan.
My 10 inch cast iron fry pan.
Nothing ever sticks to it.
A well seasoned cast iron pan is a thing of beauty.
I buy mine from Goodwill or re-sale junk shops.
People are always screwing them up by washing them with soap and water. *horror!!!*
A piece of steel wool, a little vegetable shortening, a couple of hours in the oven and the pans are better than new.
Sorry, that's another how-to for another time.

Next comes the spinach.
Or you can use a mixture of spinach and basil or arugula.
I had about a cup of spinach that was one step away from turning into a slime fest.
Wilt it down just a little bit.
Pop a couple of slices of bread into the toaster.

Pour about 3/4 of the can of diced tomatoes into the spinach mixture.
Or the whole can if you have more to feed than just two.
I had just bought a 14.5 ounce can of diced tomatoes with oregano, basil and garlic at Kroger for .45 cents. Score!
When the juice is hot make wells into the mixture to crack the eggs into.

Like this.
Push the mixture around to make as many wells as you need.

Crack the eggs into each well.
2 for JR and 1 for me.
Put a lid on the pan.
Turn the heat down to medium low.

Butter up the toast with some pesto if you have it.
Butter with a sprinkle of dried basil or Italian seasoning will work also.
Toss a slice or two of mozzarella cheese on top of the pesto.

Steam the eggs to your preferred done-ness.
I like mine a bit runy.
JR...not so much.
So his go into the pan first and come out last.

Plate it up.
Put a little more pesto on top.
Maybe another slice of mozzarella or two.
You can never go wrong with cheese.
Serve with a bit of cafe au lait, perfection!
And, Sunday breakfast becomes an event.

This would make a great meatless Monday dinner also.



  1. This looks wonderful! We are big egg eaters too. Breakfast burritos and Eggels are a big thing at our house. Happy Meatless Monday! Denise

  2. First - love ur new look. As to the eggs - oh they look yummy and your place setting is so pretty. But my hubs won't touch eggs so I don't even try anymore and this is just too much trouble for lil ole me - I'll just scramble up some. Hugs!

  3. That looks really yummy. I love eggs too. Mostly I like mine scrambled and wrapped in a tortilla with some cheese and maybe suasage.

  4. Looking at your pics was like eating a full meal! Delish!

    Love the new look you're rocking!

  5. Eggs. I am certain they are a wonderful food. It sure makes a difference in a pan of bars if ya forget to include them!! lol

  6. An absolutely gorgeous breakfast. I've made Eggs Benedict with no bread, but sauteed spinach before ("I had about a cup of spinach that was one step away from turning into a slime fest" - you had no idea how much that cracked me up; I can so relate!).

    A cast iron pan IS a thing of beauty when properly cared for. I've also thought about posting how to season and care for cast iron myself. Tomatoes and other acidic foods are tricky in cast iron unless it's well-seasoned and well-cared for - yours looks absolutely perfect.

    NEVER put soap on cast iron, folks! NEVER!

  7. Looks great! Unfortunately, the closest I come to Sunday morning perfection is dragging out the waffle iron and even that takes convincing on the child's part. She needs to repeat "I want a pancake" a good ten times before I get up off my duff.
    (I did make a meatless chili for Super Bowl and thought of you!)

  8. That looks damned good! Totally something my husband would love!

  9. OHHHHHH YUMMM! I love eggs and fix eggs daily for Terry's breakfast. I'm printing this and I'm fixing it tomorrow morning!!!


  10. That is one food that I just don't really enjoy at all!

  11. Looks delightful. I'll be right over...

  12. I think my keyboard may have just shorted out. Is drool covered by warranty?

  13. Bless you...That was a religious experience. Cheers Michele!!

  14. God, that sounds delicious. I love pesto. It doesn't love me though, if you know what I mean. wink wink. Not sure why I felt the need to tell you that.

  15. I'm totally stalking your blog more than usual when I go vegetarian in a couple of weeks. That looks nummy, and I don't really like eggs.

  16. I have been planning to make this for Meatless Monday for a few weeks now. Today, I logged on the the MM website to see what recipes they posted and found Eggs Italiano posted front and center. I guess I am not the only one who will be making Eggs Italiano for dinner tonight!

  17. Damn, that looks good! Too much for breakfast though, would be a great supper.