Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RTT-Wasting Time

Oh wait, that means that there are 3 more days left in the week.
Well, at least we will all be entertained with Random Tuesday Thoughts
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I have fallen in love with this artist's work.
Deep and totally unrequited love.
From what I can find the galleries that sell his stuff are in British Columbia.

Actually, I won't be able to afford his stuff.
Maybe a lithograph or a poster or a postcard.
Can I have a moment here.....I'm just dreaming.
Thanks, let's go on.

Find fun and interesting facts about the day and year you were born.
Born 24th September 1959

* You were born on a Thursday. I guess that is as good a day as any. I didn't mess up my mom's weekend.
* Your star sign is Libra. Whatever.
* Your birthstone is Sapphire. Probably why I've had a thing for them.
* The season was Autumn. Well, duh.
* You were born in the Chinese year of the Pig. Yeah, this explains some things.
* The US President was Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican). One of the least offensive of his ilk.
* The UK Prime Minister was Harold Macmillan (Conservative). I know nothing of British politics except that I am of the opinion that Tony Blair spent a lot of his time blowing George W. Bush.
* Thursday's child has far to go. What does this mean? And, do I really want to know?
* You are 50 years 4 months 26 days old. Need you remind me?
* It is 216 days until your next birthday. They will speed by fast enough so just shut up why don't you.
* In dog years you are 350 years old. Uh...F*&K you.
* You are 18,412 days old. Ditto above.
* You are approximately 441,903 hours old. See statement above.
* You are approximately 1,590,851,510 seconds old. You wretched person, must you go on?

That does it for me. I'm in Waco, Texas today desperately trying to find a Coke at Baylor University. Did you know that Dr. Pepper was invented/developed/slapped together like a bad recipe in Waco? No? Well, it was and the university has some sort of deal with them that pretty much means that getting a diet coke is not going to happen. I will be going through withdrawals. The only consolation is that I will be staying at my favorite hotel, the Hilton. I've stay at this Hilton so often the desk employees know my name and give me a room with a view of the river. Bless their hearts.

Have a wonderful day.

PS: turns out I didn't have to go to Waco. The training session I was scheduled attend was canceled due to snow.


  1. I love your pie graph, especially the bit about chewing on the cat's head.

  2. The artist is fab. I'm a Thursday child too but have not managed that many seconds... you go girl ;0)

  3. Great artist.
    10% just for digging, your yard must be holey. She does more digging than eating.

  4. That painting is very good. Enjoy the view. By the way, I was born on a Sunday, therefore God likes me best. Cheers Michele!!

  5. Ah, yes - I heard they were getting more snow in the DFW area today. They must feel like they've landed on Mars; this is like the third snowfall they've had this year.

  6. You cracked me up with your birthday trivia!

  7. I'd be really upset if I could not find a Coke.

    Have a great RTT!

  8. That really is an amazing artist!

  9. I loved the last Hilton I was at but got Boned by a Newark (shocker) Hilton so I'm having Hilton issues.

  10. The pie chart is great. I love it!
    here from RTT.

  11. Thanks for stopping by. I was looking one a crochet pattern site and saw they had a "Naughty" catagory and I just had to look to see what someone would crochet that would be "naughty". I saw the condom pattern and I showed my husband and he insisted that I make it. Most people use it to store their crochet hooks in or as simple gags.

    Your birthday is the day before mine (different years though).

  12. What's a prime minister?


    Happy Tuesday!

  13. I love Dr. Pepper. But it isn't the same Dr. Pepper it used to be when the only place you could get it was in the south. I always knew I had hit 'home' (Momma's people's home) when a Dr. Pepper could be purchased.


  14. The dog puts her ball in your mouth? Eww.

    The older we get the faster is goes. Why is that?

    Happy RTT~

  15. I like diet Dr Pepper so I would be ok with that. I will have to check out the fun and interesting facts although I can live without knowing how many seconds old I am.

  16. Something in Waco canceled because of .... SNOW? And not because a cult has blown up their building killing everyone inside? Weird times. haha ;-)

  17. I'd be going through withdrawals if there was only Dr. Pepper and no Coke, too. Oh, wait - you didn't have to go through withdrawals because it was canceled due to snow...Mother Nature was working for you this time! ;) Your pie chart cracked me up!

  18. Age in dog years - LOL at the response. LOLOLOL That's LOL a lot. And I agree.

    No Diet Coke? That is like criminal or something. Be careful. The weather is going to be bad.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  19. No stay at the Hilton - sad
    All the diet Coke you want - good

    Love the dog chart, am wondering what mine would look like if I tried to chart her activities...alot of playing,eating and sleeping/snoring!

  20. I love that painter. Very much like Monet and Manet, love them.

    also, mazel on not having to live in Dr. Pepper land even for a second.

  21. I love that the b-day site has a link for the Southern Hemisphere. Really, I think they could just leave the season out, as most of us are capable of figuring that out on our own.

  22. Has anyone made the connection with Libra and librarian???

  23. That art work is beautiful! I normally like my stuff really abstract, but this has just the right balance. Beautiful. Reminds me of Manet.

  24. Carolyn - I had no idea about the Baylor-Dr Pepper connection. My husband can't get through the day without a Diet Dr Pepper, so it's good to know he'd be safe in Texas!

  25. That is a pretty cool painting. The kids have been working on their art lately, I'll have them send you something. Last week, we made prints by rolling their hot wheels through gobs of paint and they turned out pretty cool.

    Blowing George W. Ha!

    FYI - we are now a cloth napkin house. Yay. And I'm copying you one further and doing the kiddie pool garden soon.

  26. ha. I looked at my birth date and the only thing interesting is apparently how many years, or hours, or minutes old I am.

    Love the graph. But are you slamming Dr. Pepper? I am leaving for a trip soon and I am mentally preparing myself for Diet Coke...since that seems to be the only beverage you can count on being served. :)