Friday, January 8, 2010

Visual Gems

Sprinkled among the class photographs in our 1949 yearbook are these terrific little drawings.

I find them interesting because they are little snapshots of social history from 1949.
Let's take this one for instances.
Is this guy calmly watching a bird strangle to death?
How does that bode well?
I'd have to say not for the bird.
Also, take a look at the little scribble of background.
Is that supposed to be mountains?
the Houston skyline?
the campus grounds?
The reason I'm so incredulous is because this is Houston.
It is very flat here.

When did conversation amount to smarmy looks?
The guy play the saxophone in the background is awesome.
White dinner jacket, black pants and bow tie are sadly lacking at dances these days.
Though I'm not positive about that since I don't go to many dances.
Any of you know whether men in white dinner jackets and women in long gloves are still the thing?

Some things never change.
My car looks a little off-kilter too though mine doesn't have candles as headlights.
Uh Oh, I'd better go check that since I'm not in charge of vehicle maintenance at our house.

I love this one.
If I was still living in the Pacific Northwest this would be perfect.
Or at least the rain would be.
Not the umbrella.
People in Seattle think you are a pussy if you use an umbrella.
I never even owned one until I move to Phoenix.
Somehow, that looks weird in type.
Oh well, the dichotomies in life.

Ed, my eyes are up here.

A cork gun?
Remember those?
Oh gawd, please say you do.
If you don't please don't comment on how old I am because I do remember.
They were fun.
We bought a pop gun for each of the boys when they were little.
I played with them more than the boys did.
I was only 35 at the time.
Still young enough.
Can you still get them?
I want one now.
It would totally freak out Nessa.

And this is priceless.
The University of Houston mascot is a cougar.
The wild west dude is shooting at one.
Am I the only one that loves the irony of this drawing?

There you go, a little more visual history with silly commentary. Ya'll have a lovely weekend.



  1. What fun! Those are really great; the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    If you use an umbrella here on Martha's Vineyard, you are considered a pussy. Because between the whipping rain and island winds, they're pretty damned useless. Last year, my son's very fashionable Houston GF (whom I loved btw) got off the boat in the rain and had an umbrella. We laughed at her affectionately and told her please don't bother. I love these regional quirks.

  2. I remember cork pop-guns. Indeed I do, so if you're old so am I.

    I'm sorry, but Ed looks as if he's contemplating sexual assault.

  3. I love when you post stuff like this. These drawings remind me of this really cool one my grandmother had hanging in her house.

  4. No wonder there was a baby boom back then. Did everybody have bazookas like that?

  5. Cork guns are real!? There not just something made up for cartoons!? They were really made for kids to play with!? My childhood was so much more depraved than I thought, my world is shattered.

  6. Ed and the dancing guy in the second photo both look a little creepy to me. Guess some things don't change.

    Hope your doing well.

  7. for Christmas 2008 we went to Cabela's to do some shopping and they were selling cork pop guns. We had to get one for Turbo(our six year old). He loves it and it makes a lot of noise. So yes, they are still around.

  8. umbrella? What's that? I live in L.A. you know.