Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RTT - sex addiction, Brazilian fashions, and indulgent parents

Tuesday? = check
Crazy hambone button? = check
Link to Keely? = check
Think of goofy things to post? = uh, checkish
You tell me.

Sunday Morning had a segment on sex addiction. They stated that no one knows what constitutes how much is too much sex. What is normal? What makes it an addiction? What is the proper amount of sex?

I said to JR; "If I was going to quantify how much is too much sex I'd have to say anything over twice a day." JR smiles indulgently and says; "twice a day?" Me; "Sure, twice a day just makes you an over-achiever."

I've changed my settings so that if you make a comment you shouldn't have to go through that whole word verification thing. Now, I receive at least one anonymous spam comment a day. I've yet to decide if this is a pain in the butt or not. What do you think? You all are the ones that need to go through the word verification thing. Is it a pain?

Only the truly fashionable can pull off this elephant blouse with tusks.
Complete this ensemble with a tan pencil shirt that represents the Serengeti.

You've heard of coffee table books.
But what about a coffee table dress.

The designer took the practical route by cutting the front of the dress short to aid in walking.
Going through doors facing forward may be a bit tricky though.

My first car cost 1000 times less than this and I bet I liked it just as well. Running into the only car in the parking lot didn't cause my parents a heart attack like it will Diddy when his little angel does something incredibly stupid.

Okay now, that wasn't so bad now was it?

Ya'll have a great day and watch that coffee table skirt.


PS: the mexican casserole? Awesome!


  1. I'm glad the casserole turned out. I have it on my list for Friday night. Friday's are a wee bit hard for us because of basketball games. Of which we Do Not need to go to, but our son-in-law is the coach.....


  2. Maybe it's me, but pretty as that model is, I don't think she pulled off the elephant blouse.

  3. The tusks are just scary. Ana I prefer my furniture as furniture not clothing, thanks anyway. HTe word verification doesn't bother me so go with what works for you.

  4. At least the kid has enough sense to donate the $10,000 to Haiti

  5. i think i got an ice cream cake for my 16th birthday. as for tusks 'n tables passing for clothes? dumb. just plain dumb.

  6. Upside to coffee table dress: always a place to set your coffee.
    Downside to coffee table dress: I highly doubt the tag says "wash'n'wear".

  7. I'm with Pseudo, I don't think anybody could pull off that elephant look.

    I don't mind the word verification really. In fact, it's kind of fun to see what oddball "word" they hand you.

  8. Oh my! I need one of those fab elephant shirts.

  9. Regarding the car, excuse me while I go throw up.

    Okay, who buys this so-called fashion?

    I hate the word verification. So thank you.

  10. Oh yeah, and I drove a $500 VW when I was 18 and I took care of it like it was a Rolls.

  11. Wow, who wears tables and that blouse yikes? If people are wearing that, I am going to start on a desk dress and cash in:)
    Have a great day

  12. I have to say that I'm not a fan of word verification and I like it off. I use a plugin called Askimet (not sure if it works with blogger) and never get SPAM. Or you can change it so your first time commenters have to get approved by you?!?!

    Those dresses are just weird.

  13. I think I might be a sex addict. Maybe.

  14. I bet that elephant lady doesn't get a whole lot of hugs.
    Hate word verification, and that's why it's not on my blog, but this is your place and you should do what suits you best, my lovey.

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