Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I was totally freaked out!

Can you see why I was freaked out?
My average per day visits = 58
I'm always happy when I get over 70 visits in one day.
I feel loved when I hit 70.
I feel validated.
I feel at the top of my game.

Then I opened up my sitemeter last night to find.....

What the.....?
Where did all those hits come from?
392 page views?
I'm just not that interesting.
Seriously, I'm not.
They are only staying for a minute.

This graph looks like my program on the elliptical.
It's a killer program.
30 minutes of up and down like that makes my old lady heart race.
Oh sorry, back to my freak out session.

Turns out I am now on Stumbleupon.
So if someone is stumbling food/cooking
they may come up with the Pioneer Woman Cooks,
Bakerella, AllRecipes or
How odd is that?

Does that define me as a food blogger?
Do I want to be defined?
I guess if I have to be defined.
I'd want it to be about food/cooking
It could be worse.
I could be defined by my totally misspent youth.



  1. hey, a kindred spirit!

    our youth was misspent as well.


    right now we're working on misspending our adulthood.
    how about you?

    funny, Michele.



  2. Wow!! Now you are up there with the big dogs!!! Impressive.

  3. You're a Rock Star!! Cheers Michele!!

  4. The sitemeter thinG confuses me and I am very sad to say that it tells me most of my visitors google 'the torture chamber' to find me... Either they are freaks or they think I am!!

    Congrats on the extra hits - here's one more from me!

  5. Woo-hooooo for you! I wasn't sure I wanted to be classified as a "food blogger" either, but it seems to have been taken out of our hands, hasn't it?

    Congratulations, you foodie, you.

  6. You are always a hoot to visit! Thanks for brightening my day!


  7. Hurray for you! You know, I do think of you as a source for food intel! So food blogger it is!

    It is always fun when you get a spike in traffic like that. You never know when something you post will hit.

  8. thats great as far as the hits goes wow

  9. thats great as far as the hits goes wow

  10. This is great!! You are a popular gal!! Maybe I need to join stumbleupon too!!

  11. Congrats!
    Hopefully a bunch of them will stay. I could get used to stats like that!

  12. I thought maybe it was because you used the phrase "Pussy-Boots" over at Matt-Man's blog this morning. That's what brought me over here. LOL ;-)

  13. hey good for deserve all those hits.

  14. I don't think it would be such a bad thing to be a foodie blogger. You're an everything blogger though, nobody puts Baby (Michele) in a corner. Cool to see your hits go up like that though.

  15. Please...youth and early middle age misspent on my part.

    I am impressed by your numbers and the evolution of your blog!

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  17. How cool is that! You're a little bit like Julia Childs now. How exciting!!

  18. Wait, is there something wrong with being defined by your misspent youth??

    Congrats on having "arrived", or "defined" yourself, or...maybe just on the 314 hits ;)

  19. Sitemeter? What is this thing of which you speak? How do you get one of these?

    I have asked you about 9 billion questions this morning. bahaha.