Friday, December 25, 2009

Secret Santa Spin Cycle - Merry Christmas Sprite's Keeper

Every week, week in and week out Jen from Sprite's Keeper sends out a call for us to participate in the Spin Cycle. This week was a Secret Santa spin. She did this last year also. The concept goes like this; you send her a list of your favorite bloggers and she picks one for you to write about. You write a post about why you like to read that blog. All without the other blogger knowing about it. You know, all secret like.

This year I didn't send a list. Why? Because of something I noticed last year; Jen didn't pick anyone to be her secret Santa and none of us picked her on our own. Hey, it's okay, we were all new to the concept. Totally understandable. And, how can you pick yourself? Then it wouldn't be a secret.

So, this year I picked Jen from Sprite's Keeper to give my Secret Santa spin.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, Jen!

Jen is the wonderful mother to the adorable Sprite. Who Jen has graciously allowed us to watch grow up. I get to be that eccentric aunt virtually. How much does that rock!

She blogs about all those things that new mommies go through, and some they don't, with honesty and candidness. Whether is it creating new traditions or blending old ones for your new family, potty training, daycare issues or the ins and outs of princess management She shares them with us.

She introduces topics that encourage critical thinking or instigate snarkiness with her weekly Spin Cycle. Whether the weekly spin is about thankfulness, recipes, guilt or confessions Jen's post is always interesting. This is one of my favorites.

You can't talk about Jen without talking about poetry. That girl can really turn a phrase. Go check out some of her terrific poetry. She can write one about about just about anything.

Though she found flying
to be a bit trying,

At Blogher this summer she seemed just fine.
She was even tempted once to drink a little wine.

If you haven't gone to Jen's blog please go check her out
You won't be sorry
Without even a doubt.

Okay, I'll stop already.

What I want to say is;

Merry Christmas, Jen, John and Sprite and a very happy New Year.



  1. Oh, I amd so, so glad you did this. I was thinking to myself, "hey, who does jen?" So glad you secret santa'd her. jen's the best.

    Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a wonderufl holiday.

  2. It's 10:52 PM my time, Sprite and John are both conked out in my parents' guest room and I am sitting here bawling. I can't thank you enough, Michele for the lovely words and I don't give people myself for a reason, becuase I don't think I can handle it.
    And I can't. I can't stop crying! I am so glad I checked my site tonight, this is the best present I've gotten hands down.
    Thank you! (And you're linked!)
    (And I love your poetry!)

  3. Yay, so glad someone did Jen, and you did it beautifully. She rocks!
    Merry christmas to all.

  4. What a lovely tribute--and how smart of you to write it for and about Jen. Now I go to read her!

  5. Aw, great tribute and a great idea. I thought of it AFTER I'd sent her my list, because I'm a tool ;)

    Merry whichever Jen! Keep on Spinning!

  6. I love it! Great job! I had her on my list, but wondered if she ever gave herself to anyone...well, you know, not that way... ;)

    Your tribute was perfection! :)

  7. wwww, I do so love me some Jen...and that wine was divine!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...can't wait to hear what kind of food you whipped up! Chat with you soon?

    Mary Anne

  8. Michele, I'm SO glad you wrote this - I considered doing it myself, because I noticed the same thing.

    We love Jen, and you did a marvelous job of expressing why.

  9. Aww, what a perfect person to pick! Great tribute to a great woman. Jen is one of my faves too...

    And you can play virtual aunt to my kids anytime..

  10. With blessing from Sprite’s Keeper I am attempting to coordinate Happy Holiday Blogtastic Shout Out to spread love across the blogosphere. If you’re interested in participating or finding out more information check out the plan here: