Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Wonderful World of Being a Science Geek Mom

Latest chat with The Boy
To truly understand this conversation you must know that we are from the Seattle area originally and most all of our family still lives there.

The Boy
8:47 AM me: How do they know that?
8:49 AM The Boy: they traced back the genealogy using the being a dick gene
8:54 AM me: because I'm sure that there is a genetic marker for being a dick
You have it because you have uncles who are dicks
on both sides
8:57 AM The Boy: obvious you and dad have the recessive form
which means you arnt major dicks like me and ben
me: just minor ones
sorry to pass that along
8:58 AM not a lot I could do about it
I haven't heard that they have been able to isolate and repair that particular gene. Have you?
9:01 AM The Boy: whoever does will probably win the nobel
9:02 AM me: no doubt
and well they should

You too could be passing the "being a dick" gene down to your children. Hopefully, with careful research and most likely millions of federal research dollars a cure can be found. If not I potentially see millions of "dicks" born everyday.

This has been a public service announcement brought to by Michele and The Boy.



  1. I always wondered if being a dick was inherited. Now I know.

  2. Hmm.. looking at the old family tree.

    If the worst thing I pass along is being a dick, I'm going to call it good.

  3. ROFLMAO - I love it!

    I'm afraid my older children have dodged a HUGE bullet - if you look up "Big Dick" in the dictionary...yeah. His pic. And I ain't talkin' genitalia.

  4. I always assumed being a dick was inherited. Thank you for the scientific backup!

  5. Ha! I think it's a genetic condition with environmental triggers!

  6. That is hysterical!! I love your conversations!

  7. No dicks in my family. We emsaculated John when Sprite came along. :-)

  8. I'm pretty sure I passed the gene on to at least one of my kids. I'm not telling you which one, that would be dickish of me.