Monday, November 2, 2009

Wine Bottle Label Art

I want it stated right here; "I do not choose my wine by the art on the label". I choose my wine by rating and price. I like to get something that gets about 90 points or better within the $15 range. This is totally doable. As evidenced by my wine cooler.

JR likes to keep some of his beer in my wine cooler. Is there anything more wrong?

While I don't choose my wine by the label that does not mean that I don't enjoy the artistry of some wine labels. There are some seriously clever graphic designers hanging out at the wineries these days.

Remember the old Campbell soup ads?
If you answered no or if you answered "Oh those ads from like a hundred years ago? Yeah, I've seen them in museums." Just move right along.
That's what these remind me of.

This is a little hard to see but it is called the prisoner.
Nothing like a guy in chains and shackles to make me want to slug down a bottle.
According to the Orin Swift Cellers;
"The image is inspired by an original etching depicting a prisoner in chains Dave Phinney received as a gift from his mother and father."
I bet he didn't anticipate that gift under his Christmas tree.

I liked the tranquil feel of this one.
It is from the Duckhorn vinyards.

I love the tripping Maitre d.
Probably because this is a lot like what I look like when carrying a bottle of wine or anything for that matter.
Maybe it's an inner ear thing.
Maybe it's because I'm a klutz.
Most likely the klutz thing.

Fat guy in a tutu.
Enuf said.

Fat guy without the tutu.
Interesting, No?

Just as a side note. I did not buy any of these wines. I just wandered through the liquor store snapping pictures with my cell phone. The wines I did buy were being put in the car by my lovely husband.

I consider wine my fruit serving for the day. According to the FDA food pyramid I should be getting 1 1/2 cups of fruit per day. Done!

That's a vegetarian tree-hugging granola head for ya; trying to get in all those servings of fruits and vegetables the easy way.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. I am with you 1000% on so many things in this post it's hard to list them. I also try to get my fruit servings in every day the easy and tasty way. I also do not buy wine because of the name or label. I like to keep my purchases under $15 a bottle (and you're right - good, inexpensive wines are completely doable). And what is with some of the names? I'm sorry, but I really, really don't think naming your wine "Rancid Chicken Beak" or "Smelly Toe Jam" is going to make me want to buy it.

  2. I've seen that Il Bastardo before...I love that label. And yes, you are meeting FDA requirements! Funny, I am writing a post about that as we speak...great minds think alike. :)

  3. Wine is completely over my head. You knew that.
    But guess what we did try last night? Spaghetti Squash! I followed your directions and it came out perfectly. John wants more and soon, but it's definitely a weekend dish since it has to sit in the sauna for so long. But so good! Didn't work on Sprite though. She took a taste, spit it back out, and demanded actual noodles. Kid has weird taste.

  4. Tho I am not a wine-er I do enjoy checking out the labels. The local grocer has some that are "cow" themed from South Dakota. Sorry I cant think of the name of them but they are interesting!!!

  5. They probably think you're casing the liquor store to come back and rob it.

    That first shot looks kind of cool, like a wine robot.

  6. I have never thought of wine as a serving of fruit. But now I will!

    I love the Paraduxx.

  7. Over here we have nasty ROAD KILL (red) and a gross white that I can't even remember the name of it was so bad.


  8. LOL I definitely buy wine based on what's on the label. If it's funny, I buy it. I don't drink it though, I usually buy it for a friend who does.

  9. I'm pretty jealous of your wine cooler.

  10. I totally buy by the label b/c I don't drink it. If I like the label and it's in my price range, consider it mine. I buy them as gifts. I love those labels.

  11. There really are some neat labels out there and the colors of the bottles sometimes attract me too.

    I have a wine cooler as well. I'm not sure there's more than a couple of bottles in there right now. It used to be full to the maximum.

  12. I've noticed that more wineries are moving towards art-labels. While some of them doing it to be trendy, many are doing it so their wine bottles are memorable. It's a great idea IMO.

    Just curious since I've been doing research, what brand is your wine cooler, and are you happy with it?

  13. wine is SO important for one's well being.

  14. I don't even drink, but I always thought the wine bottles in my aunt's house were pretty cool. I even took some of them (used ones of course) with me after a visit; just because I thought they were pretty.
    Yeah, I'm weird like that.

  15. For some reason I have a craving for a glass of wine. Nice wines.

  16. So, am I not allowed to choose my wine by the art on the label? Because I often do, when I feel like trying a new one.

    I'm open to recommendations though. See if you can get it under the $15 mark in CDN. I like reds ;)