Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RTT - Yay for a 3 day work week!

It's Tuesday!
Yay for Tuesday!
Yay for Tuesday because it is random!
Somehow that doesn't make any sense.
Somehow I'm not making any sense.
Yay for Tuesday!

Click the button for more randomness. They are more likely to be making sense.

Who in their right mind names their kid Clovis? I mean do they want to have their kid beat up at school Sure, maybe people don't name their kids things like Clovis anymore, I AM looking at a 1949 yearbook, but wasn't that considered a shit kicker name even 60 years ago? Gauging from the photo of this guy I don't think I'm that far off. Now, I don't want to anger anyone here but if you've named your child Clovis please give the kid a chance by calling him by his middle name. Unless it is Ogle Laird. Yep, that's another one.

I got an interesting email the other day. Someone from Randalls/Safeway offered me a $25 gift certificate if I would post about budget friendly recipes and their new "2 hour turkey". I chose not to participate at this time. I don't really feel completely comfortable encouraging people to buy turkeys. I'm not naive enough to think you all are having nutloaf for turkeyday (please, JR is not even having nutloaf) but I have vegetarian buttons all over my blog and I feel pretty invested in it as a lifestyle for me. I also wasn't sure if I wanted to get into the reviewing things for money. It felt kind of dirty (which excited me in a whole other way but I'm sure you don't want me to go there).

What I've decided to do is not review the turkey but leave the possibility open for other things. I've also decided that any remuneration I receive will be either given away to you all or given to charity. What do you all think of this plan?

I've spent the last 6 hours writing html and php so my brain is fried. Writing code makes me want to drink. Let me rephrase that; makes me want to drink, MORE!

The Boy has got me hooked on Pandora Radio. Now, I can listen to the blues all day with very few commercials. I can thumbs up or thumbs down whatever song I like. Thumbs up and they just play more like it. Thumbs down and the song is immediately stopped. It's great. I'm transfixed. I'm powerful. I have control. I'm omnipotent.

Then my whole musical world comes crashing down when I get in my car. My thumbs up or thumbs down ability is stifled. I feel at the utter mercy of the DJ and let me tell you the DJs here in Houston leave a lot to be desired. The 2 guys in the morning make me want to reach into the radio and pluck their eyes out. So, in the morning it is NPR, at work it is my new best friend Pandora and when I drive home it is whatever is the least annoying. I seem to have developed a very low tolerance for annoying.

Well, that seems to be my limit for today. There is a party upstairs for one of the systems guys. He's going to West Point. Big ol'Best Wishes for him. And good for us because we get cake. Mmmmmm.....cake.

So have fun today.



  1. You need the iphone with the pandora app. My son is responsible for me getting into the whole pandora thing.

    So, how does one become famous enough to even be called to review anything? hmm. Go for it when it's the right is always good.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. That is an interesting email. Makes you wonder.
    Happy RTT!

  3. Writing code? When I try to write html it makes my brain feel like it's turning all gooey and starting to ooze out my ears. I am in awe of you even more now - you can cook amazing things and you can write in code. (And you can write funny stuff in plain text too, which is also pretty awesome.)

  4. Your randomness totally makes sense to me!

    Now I'm scared.

  5. Good for you to hold onto your convictions! I would have been surprised to see a turkey recipe on your site/
    You just made me heart you more, Michele!

  6. My daughter has been telling me about Pandora. I really should check it out!

    No to Clovis. Not good in any generation!

  7. I'd have dropped over dead if I'd come here and found a turkey recipe/review. Now aren't you glad you didn't do it? You saved my life.

    I have a solution to your commuting radio dilemma: iPod. I haven't listened to the radio in my car in ages.

  8. I'm suspicious of anybody who doesn't want to drink after writing code.

    I'm not a review girl either, but I do like the chariety or giveaway idea. (Just please don't do it every single day like some bloggers. I'm more interested in what you have to say.)

    Have a great Thanksgiving.