Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Morning in San Francisco

At 7am San Francisco is pretty quiet. Your chances of getting hit by a car, bus or trolley are slim. This confidence of living another day after crossing the street lead me to the end of the pier across the street from my hotel.

The city was quiet. For a city that is. The Bay Bridge was not crowded with commuters coming into the city from Oakland and Berkley.
The pelicans had not yet started their soaring and plunging for fish.
The sea lions weren't popping up and down out of the water.

The moon setting over the Coit Tower. The ferries
just starting to head over to the north end of the bay to pick up commuters.

The runners and joggers make their way down the street. Head phones and ipods in place. Couples stand next to each other on the pier slowly working through their Tai Chi stances.

The water a deep sea blue only found in the Pacific ocean when the sky is cloudless.
The air was fresh.
The wind light.
The perfect morning.

This is what I saw yesterday morning when I went out to take some early morning pictures. What did the poor residents of the city see? A strange woman bundled up in a wool coat and hat taking pictures madly?



  1. Wow, what great shots! Never been to CA but maybe someday. It must have been cool having the quiet city mostly to yourself.

  2. Your photos are just beautiful!

  3. I love these pics.

    Whatcha doin' in SF?

  4. So pretty! I'd love for you to come to my neck of the woods and find the beauty here!

  5. AWESOME! I've never been to CA but it's on my list!!! Hope you're having fun!

  6. I envy the madwoman, wool hat and coat and all.

  7. I'm surprised you even own a hat and coat.


  8. I love San Francisco. I think it's my favorite city.

    Beautiful photos.

  9. AW who cares what they saw...those are beautiful pictures!

  10. Those are great pictures.

    I'm so glad you found SFs reflective and peaceful soul. Sometimes it's hard to uncover.

    I am going to be there next week and can hardly wait. Going home to "the city" is always one of my favorite trips.

  11. Nice pics, and who cares what they think.