Friday, October 2, 2009

Kiddie Pool Garden Update

I thought I'd give everyone an update on the kiddie pool gardens. Everything is up and doing great. Except the lettuce and carrots. Don't even get me started on the carrots. My hope is that it is still too hot for the lettuce. I'll try planting a few more seeds in a couple of weeks when the nighttime temps drop below 70.

The sugar snap peas are about 6 inches tall; as are the green beans. Which means that I will be needing to stake them soon. The beets need to be thinned already. And, the broccoli hasn't gone straight to seed. So all is good. Except the lettuce and the carrots but remember we are not talking about them.

It seems that jalapeno peppers do very well down here.
We'll be eating that fat boy in the middle tonight.
The gentleman above him will be salsa by tomorrow.
There are a least 10 more higher up on the plant.
Who's with me on stuffing and deep frying these?

Oh sweet mother of God, what was I thinking?
One, of those zucchini plants would have been enough.
But, 10!
This makes it official.
I AM insane.

Cherry tomatoes how I love you.
Your production is unsurpassed.
You make me feel confident as a gardener.
Your sweet taste enhances my recipes.
In a salad with goat cheese, Kalamata olives and red onion,
you are superb.
Come to me, my lovely darlings
Sweetly naked I pop you into my mouth.
Oiled and herbed you.....

Oh, ahh...sorry.
Wow, that was awkward.

Did you catch a glimpse of the nasturtiums just peaking in the corner of the zucchini picture? These are not just for pretties. The flowers make great salad sprinkles. Be very careful if you decide to eat flowers. Some are very poisonous. I've added a couple of links if you chose to grow and eat flowers; Iowa State and North Carolina State Univ. This website has a great list of what you can eat with a guide to how to use them. I'd defer to those university websites first. Hopefully they are more authoritative. (Librarian speak for don't trust everything you read on the internet).

I also planted a lot of marigolds around the tomatoes. Why? Because they naturally repel aphids and other non-beneficial bugs. Bonus! You can eat them.

Note to self: never try carrots again. You have been shut out of carrot production for the last 25 years why oh why do you keep trying to grow them?

Everyone have a nice weekend. I'll be winging my way to San Francisco on Saturday. I'll try to be checking in from time to time.



  1. Zucchini is like the gardener's confidence builder. Just be sure to pich off two-thirds of the flowers, and the production shouldn't be TOO overwhelming. As long as you are sharing with the rest of Texas.

  2. I am with ya on the stuffed jalapenos!!! I have a bunch of them to make probably this weekend.

    Imagine all the zucchini crusted pizza you will be having!!!

    Love gardening.

    Lucky you gets to go to beautiful SF? Enjoy!!

  3. Your tomato poem is lovely!
    And send me a stuffed pepper, okay? Yes, you're linked! It counts!

  4. Here you are having a garden...a spring time for us garden and mine is now dead!

    Have a great trip!


  5. The Texas A&M Cooperative sez you can grow melons in Texas, so melons should be on next year's list, definitely. Too many melons would be better than too many zucchinis. You could make pink-ish melon drinks.

  6. Holy friggin crap! 10 zuchinnis!!! and you're from Washington woman, you should know better.

  7. Wow! This little project is working out in fantastic ways!

  8. Lovely photos of your gorgeous garden.

    By the way, you aren't the only one who writes poetry for tomatoes.

    But I think maybe you like them a bit more than I do!

    (My word verification was "rated e". "e" for educational?)

  9. Is zucchini even good for anything other than chocolate cake??


  10. I thought we weren't talking about the carrots?

    I envy you your tomato experience.

    And I feel a blog zucchini giveaway coming on!

  11. My garden hates me. But my marigolds were beautiful...

    I may have to try the kiddie pool idea. Looks like you have some great growth! Oops. Your plantings, not YOU! ;o)

  12. I'm not sure whats going on with you and those tomatoes but I think y'all need to get a room. :)

    All this rain has been good for the garden, my weeds are looking especially lovely this year.

  13. The swimming pool garden is genius. (hey, that's a lot like you.) Thanks for the update; I want to try this next year. If I can keep my dang dog out of it.

    Love a garden tomato...oh yes.

  14. Kiddie Pool Garden! Genius! I'm so going to 'borrow' your idea for next year - our garden, such as it was, got ravaged by the rabbits and various other critters this year...I was trying to think how to 'elevate' it to make it work next year, and here's the perfect way!!

    Everything looks wonderful! :)

  15. I gotta try this next year. Such a great idea. Everything looks wonderful, except the carrots and the lettuce, we're not talking about them.

  16. Coming along quite nicely, Michele. I don't know if you have many rabbits down there but marigolds will help to keep those away as well. Cheers!!

  17. Holy crap, it's only been like a month and you've already got that many things growing? I have to do this. I know, I keep saying I'm going to but I really am.

  18. My sad little tomato plants didn't even bloom. I only have a patio though, and didn't try very hard. ;P