Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wine Fest 2009, Kemah, Texas

Driving to work I saw the billboard, "WINE FEST". I promptly snatched up my cell phone. "Hey honey, they are having a wine fest on September 19th. Wanna go?" (I've been known to drop my Ts and Gs.)

"Need you ask?"

"Alrighty, done and done".

$35 per person later that day I was the proud owner of 2 tickets to the 1st annual Kemah Wine Fest. I couldn't even pronounce the name of the town. Still can't for that matter. But, after enough wine does it really matter? Yeah, I didn't think so.

For our first time at the Boardwalk the weather cooperated by not being wretchedly hot and sticky. We arrived plenty early because we had heard that the parking was almost non-existent. Turns out it wasn't that bad. From all accounts the Boardwalk was pretty much decimated from hurricane Ike so when they built it back up they must have added more parking.

There were rides, shops, and restaurants. Lots of new wood, workers busy rebuilding the wooden roller coaster, and freshly planted landscaping.

JR enjoying his first beignet. A buck and a half of freshly fried doughy yumminess. Poor guy needs his mustache trimmed. It was a little hard to determine where the powered sugar started and the gray ended. Such as life when you are getting as old as we are.

We checked the menus from the restaurants that lined the Boardwalk out just in case we wanted to come down again for dinner and drinks.
What the... Who eats gator?
This will not be a delicacy that we'll be partaking in. Of course, when I say we really mean JR. I'm using the royal "we" here.

The door or I should say ropes opened to the wine fest. We grabbed our glasses and started to sample. This wasn't one of those wine fests where you get a half dozen tickets then you're done. This was an all you could drink affair. The promoters really underestimated who they were dealing with when they made this decision.

They just compounded their mistake by including one of these.
I was on a mission to get my $35 worth.
I was not alone.

JR is not much of a wine drinker but he was willing to work with the situation then we found the beer booth. And according to JR it was really good beer too. The beer guys were giving out very cool glasses. Beer and beer glasses. They became JR's new best friends.

At the end of the day we walked away with 2 new wine glass (like we needed more? You've seen pictures of my bar. Those 2 shelves of wine glass don't include the fancy stuff, just the every day wine glasses) and 3 stemmed beer glasses. I tried to get 4 beer glasses but they ran out.

We had a great time, met some wonderful people that we hope to get together with soon and wasn't encumbered by a hangover the next day. JR and I figure we'll go to all future Kemah Wine Fests until they figure out that you just can't give a person a glass and let them go to town. They start putting a limit on it and we're out of there.



  1. Sounds like a fun day!!! Unlimited wine for a day?

    What did they all serve with that gigantic chocolate fountain?

  2. Kath: The only thing they served was strawberries and marshmallows with the chocolate fountain. I figure I got my daily recommended serving of fruit for the day.

  3. I've eaten gator. It tastes like tough chicken.

    My stomach started to grumble and my mouth started to water when I saw the chocolate fountain. That's what I get for skipping breakfast.

  4. I don't drink; but it would have been worth it for me for the chocolate fountain alone.

    I love your apologizing for dropping your t's and g's. I would do that right now; but that would seem sorta cheesy.

  5. Unlimited wine! WOW! Here we have the corn festival, unlimited corn. All you can eat corn. Olathe Sweet Corn, that is.


  6. So you guys passed up a chance to eat gator?? Amateurs, rank amateurs i'm tellin' ya! On another gastronomic note, our fabulous colleague brought us some fresh Utah peaches today. Mmmmm, fresh Utah peaches :-)

  7. Oh man, they might as well call that event "You're Not Going To Work Tomorrow, Cat".

    Gator is like chewing chicken gristle.

  8. You had me at wine fest. (Damn wine in months.)

    The chocolate foundation just put it beyond heaven.

  9. That sounds like a lot of fun. I've never been to anything like that at all.

  10. Sounds great! I live in wine country and can't wait for our Wine Festival. They do the same thing here..hand you a glass and let you go to town. Idiots ;-)

  11. Glad you both enjoyed yourselves. Chocolate fountain - wow! Did they use Cadbury's?

  12. Looks like you guys had a wunnerful time. I had fried alligator years ago in Florida. It tasted like absolutely nothing. It had no taste. Cheers!!

  13. Gotta love all you can drink and of course you have to get your money's worth. Yum, chocolate fountain. We had one at our wedding but I couldn't partake since I'm a spiller and was the one in the white dress.

    So did many drunk people hop on the carnival rides? That could be bad.

    I've tried gator. We're all hicks here in FL

  14. Wow. Awesome day.

    I've had gator, too. It tastes like slightly fishy chicken. Certainly nothing to get worked up over.

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