Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Somedays I Have the Coolest Job on the Planet

This all happened Friday:

Yeah, I'm a librarian. Yeah, librarians get to see all the good books. Yeah, our reputations proceed us. Yada Yada Yada. But, I'm not that kind of librarian. I'm the kind of librarian that digitizes old stuff and displays it on the internet.

In the course of my work I get to see some really cool stuff but today I got to see the coolest thing on the planet. Okay, maybe not the coolest for some of you but I'm a Jeffersonian and Colonial period historian. Which make this item the coolest thing I've ever seen.

What was it?

It was a letter from George Washington to Israel Shreve written in 1778. I got to hold it. I got to read it. I got the chills from it. I refrained from drooling on it.

I immediately went back to my office virtually wiggling with excitement. I had to tell someone. Someone who would understand. Someone who would appreciate the enormity of what this meant to me. My oldest boy would be great because he too has a history background but he's not online. Who is online? My youngest son. Here is our chat.

me: OMFG I just got to touch and read a letter written by George Washington in 1778
The Boy: who?
me: George Washington
you know
father of our country
3:31 PM The Boy: ohh right
The Boy: good ole georgey boy
me: it was one of these
wooden teeth boy
3:32 PM crossing the Delaware guy
3:33 PM The Boy: could you imagine splinters in your gums
me: no I can't imagine
think of the canker sores
3:34 PM The Boy: think of the cholera!
me: think of the bleeding
The Boy: bleeding gums murphy
me: without the saxophone

Some of the excitement drained out of the occasion. I still had the chills. They were just a little less chillslike. Whereas I was laughing my a*& off.



  1. sounds like conversations around my household

  2. OMG, you have my dream job. How do you determine the numbers assigned to the documents? Are they chronologically ordered, or the order in which they were found (depth of excavation)?

  3. Hah, sounds like your kids have a similar sense of humor. I like it!

    That is pretty cool that you got to read the Washington letter. I was just teaching Graham about him over the weekend. He now knows that George is on the $1 bill and doesn't tell lies and that Andrew is on the $20. Important things, you know.

  4. You brought it from Washington history to the Simpsons?
    And that, my friend, is full circle.

  5. I would have been in heaven, afraid to touch it, wanting to touch it. OH! LUCKY! YOU!


  6. Too funny! The Boy was less than impressed.

  7. Isn't this the kid I keep offering to adopt?

    If not, then I'll adopt BOTH of your sons. They rawk.

  8. Michele: Thank god your super power isn't "combustion" or you'd be in deep trouble today.

    Casey: Isn't Abe Lincoln the one who doesn't lie? I think Washington is the one who fathered all those kids with his slaves...maybe Graham is better off without that bit of info.

  9. Hey what about the conversation we had? I totally got the significance! Plus, I've been telling people that story at work whenever they ask how you are. That's worth extra points :)

  10. This is so funny; it would be exactly the same over here!
    If it helps, I was VERY excited for you, just reading about it.

  11. Well, that was the next best thing to reading and touching the letter!

  12. You do have the coolest job.

  13. haha. I love your link!

    You do have my dream job. Or what I DREAM a job as a librarian would be. I was even going to go back to school but the Library Major is no longer. Why is that? I guess I will have to content myself with volunteering at the elementary school.

    What a truly fantastic experience for you. :)

  14. Ha! That dialogue is hilarious.

    But I totally get it--I would have been freaking out. Good thing you didn't sneeze on it.

  15. OH yeah that is way cool! Glad you didn't drool on it. The chat was funny, too. You do have a cool job!