Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RTT - A whole bunch of sharing going on


There's a whole lot of sharing going on at our house these days. JR offered up a cold bug that my body accepted without any consultation from me. The least the my body should have done was send a memo informing me it was going to take him up on his offer but no it just accepted his offer and ran with it. I'm pretty sure this is why I have kids.

Saw this over at Unmitigated and just had to share:

Do what I did. Pass it on.

Now back to frivolous stuff.
I love love love the weather in Houston but (and you knew there would be one) I could do without the bugs. We've been battling fleas and ants something fierce. We've sprayed the house, dogs, and dogs and house again, used bug bombs, shampooed the dogs and pretty much wagged a war that would put the Tet Offensive to shame. With pretty much the same results.

I'm pretty excited about my garden but it is not producing vegetables RIGHT NOW! Which makes me a total ego-centric have to have it right this minute kind of gal. I never thought I'd be that way but I find myself checking out the progress twice a day. I grew up with the work hard and save for those things that you want era. I Want to eat off my garden RIGHT NOW! My brain can't wrap around this new attitude. I may need therapy.

Because I'm a smug bi#$h and I want to lord it over someone that my herbs and veggies are bigger than theirs, I've decided to give away 3 of these adorable Herb Garden kits as penance. If you want one of these cuties to sit on your window sill leave me a comment about your favorite herb to use to cook with.

Spent a ton of money last weekend. We bought a new HDTV and the NFL Package for JR. He is suitably pleased. Me? Not so much. Where before we'd sit down to dinner to music. Now, we sit down to dinner with ESPN. Sounds like I need to put my foot down about this one. What did I get out of the deal? I got an inattentive husband. Oh wait, he gave me his cold. Yep, I got hosed on this one.

Have a nice day everyone. I'll be sucking down soup and aspirin.



  1. You definitely got hosed on that deal.

  2. The video is great. I did just as you recommended, and passed it on.

    Prepare to become a "Football Widow". NOW, take the opportunity to do something YOU really want to do... you know, while he's not watching ya!

  3. A cold and you have to watch ESPN? That's misery.

    I hope your war with bugs is a success!

    Your garden is going to surprise you one of these days with a bounty of produce!

    Oh, my favorite herb to cook with is basil!

  4. I don't even know my favorite to cook with. I'm just now starting to try to use them and I have no idea what I'm doing! Advise, please!

  5. A cold and ESPN???? My heart goes out to you!!!!

    My favorite herbs to cook with is basil and flat leaf parsley!

    Do you have celery in your garden? LOVE fresh celery straight from the garden!!!

  6. Yay for the new TV! Just in time for football, eh?

  7. Is garlic an herb? I Love cooking with garlic! If not I'll say Basil I KNOW that's an herb.

  8. I hope you have better luck giving your herbs away than I am my baby sweaters. *sigh*

    On that note...Thai basil, tarragon and sage. I just love me some fresh sage.

  9. I like oregano, parsley, allspice, ketchup, and cinnamon. Cinnamon is SO a spice!

  10. I love rosemary. I stuff handfuls of it inside a chicken and under its skin and then bake. Am I allowed to write about roasting a chicken on your blog?

  11. Hope the garden starts producing ASAP.

    I also am a little espn-ed out right now. I always cry a little inside at the start of foodball season.

  12. Love tie video! I'll pass it on. My mom has cancer and can't get health insurance.

    My fav is basil. I grow tons and tons of it and make gallons of pesto to freeze for the winter. I would roll in the plants if I could. I love the smell.

  13. totally got hosed on that deal. ESPN does not make for good dinnertime background least it wouldn't for me. ;)

    I love to cook with basil, oregano, summer savory, parsley, thyme, cilantro, dill, sweet marjoram, chives and sage. Do you think that's too much? ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  14. Oh no, not you too! What's with these colds floating around. Sorry, but I'm on JR's side for football, although not during dinner.

    I loved the video and agree wholeheartedly.

    Feel better.

  15. I'd love to win but I don't cook...dang.

    Sorry about the cold. Sneaky little devil.

    We bought an enormous TV, hung it over the mantel, and now watch much less TV. I think it is just too invasive now. Go figure.