Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Being Followed by a Rainshadow. A Really Big Rainshadow.

Hi Everybody!
Meet Tripper

Tripper meet Everybody
Tripper, why don't you tell all our friends out there on the internet what you do all day.

Oh, I don't know mom. my day is pretty lame.

Go on, they'll understand.

Don't say I didn't warn them.

After waiting patiently at the back door all day for you to come home. I sit at your feet while you make dinner. This is a very important moment in my day because there is that off chance that you'll give me cheese. Sure, I'll have to debase myself by sitting but hey, this is cheese we're talking about.

Then I have to climb up the dreaded steps to sit at your feet while you paint or work in your studio. Do you even realize how hard it is for me to climb steps? HUH, mom? Did you have to put your studio upstairs? Were you even thinking of my needs? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Then I sit on the sofa next to you while you watch TV. Unless there are bird noises on the TV. Then I must stand in front of it and bark. Very important work here. Almost as important as chasing that nasty squirrel out of the back yard. But, only if you are out there. I don't go outside except to do my business unless you're out there.

Then there is the time I spend sitting at your feet while you eat, drink your morning coffee (and what's the attraction there?), and type on your computer. I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You spend way too much time on your computer. Time that would be better spent petting me. I'm just sayin'

Then there is the all important time I spend waiting for you to get out of the shower. You know, you just cut 10 inches of hair off I would think that would mean shorter showers. Not that I don't love the cool tiles on my belly, it's the place a little further south that doesn't like to get too cold, if you know what I mean.

And of course,

There is a portion on my day that I sit at your feet while you sit on the throne. That's some time well spent there, I'll tell you. The possibility of some interesting smells is like a siren's call. So, sue me. I'm a dog! We do disgusting.

Anyway, that's my day folks. Oh what? What do I do while mom's at work all day? Why, I spend it sleeping on her pillow. I like the smells there the best.

Thank you, Tripper for giving the folks an in-depth look at why I trip around you all day and why you are named Tripper to begin with. I did think that after the boys grew out of the toddler years I wouldn't have a body following me around the house all day but it seems I was wrong.

Well, carry on.



  1. He is so darling, like a fox on stumps! You could get him some stilts for the stair-climbing issue...I would think he must knock bits on everything, being that they are so low to the ground.

  2. Hilarious! I did a dog post today too!

    You cut 10 inches off your hair??? Are you going to show the new do?

  3. Ooh, corgis are smart. Way too smart. He's a looker too. I need to do a dog post too. But it's more sympathy for the dogs since Sprite is always in their faces and trying to ride them. So sad. Tripper, be lucky you have it so good. You could have a two year old trying out their chiropractory lessons on you..

  4. Wow - Tripper has the exact, same kind of day Scooter has. Except Scooter doesn't watch me sit on the throne or wait for me to come out of the shower, because mean ol' Daddy won't let him in our bedroom.

    But other than that? My feet are perpetually covered in dog hair.

  5. This was ever so much fun meeting you Tripper! What a darling Corgi!

    Please come visit us again!


  6. Hi Tripper! Dogs are mostly just two-year-olds on four feet.

  7. OMG! Just look at those darling ears!!! My beloved Deja use to love to "visit" while we were in the bathroom. She would just lay at your feet while you were on the throne.

  8. Oh I love him. He's so cute!! And your blue tile floor is GORGEOUS!!!

  9. That is is too funny! I could never understand why our dog felt it needed to move with me if I was only moving 2 inches. That drove me batty!

    Love the name!

  10. Hey Tripper! You need to meet Pete. He's a cat but you have an awful lot in common.

  11. Tripper is adorable with his short, stumpy legs. I have two dogs underfoot all day but they're HUGE. Well, just imagine Tripper with long legs.

  12. I am so pleased you 'meet' you Tripper. Please don't be offended, but your day sounds a lot like the way my cats used to spend their day, apart from the stair complaint. (We didn't have any stairs.) Your mummy is one lucky lady to have such a gentleman looking after her all day long.

  13. Ha! He looks more cuddly than my fish. And I heard that song on somebody's blog today. Can't remember whose.

    PS. I made shoyu chicken today. I was under careful supervision, but I think with proper instructions I could do it again on my own.

  14. "Tripper". Heh - that's funny. His day looks more interesting than mine. At least his doesn't involve a spreadsheet.

  15. The next to last picture is oddly sexual. Cheers to you and Tripper!!

  16. How does he get up the stairs with those little bitty lets? I love Corgi's...they are so adorable.

    Can we talk about this 10 inches you cut off that gorgeous hair of yours? I need pictures!

  17. I am cracking up. The pictures actually make me want to get to know that guy.

    Except I HATE when the dog watches me use the toilet. It's even worse, somehow, than when the dog watches us have sex.

  18. omg!! that sprawled out, flattened, look-at-me-i'm-a-rug picture?? Those are my favourites.