Friday, August 14, 2009

Those Priority Club Member Perks

JR travels a lot so he signed up for the Priority Member Club at the hotel he stays at the most. Good idea, huh? It sure is. He already has 2 or 3 free nights to use with no blackout dates. There are supposed to be other great perks though I don't know what they are.

Keeping this in mind when I needed to go to Austin this week I book at the same hotel. I picked the one that overlooked the lake. Those extra perks were in the back of my mind. Could I get an upgraded room? Plumper pillows? Extra towels? Better view?

With that lovely Priority Member card in my hand I was hoping to score a view like this.

Or maybe this.

What view did I score?


Oh Yeah, Baby!
That Priority Member Club is really working out for me.

See you all later. I'll be over at Keely's place on Sunday. She had to nerve to go on vacation. She left a few of us in charge of her blog. She may want to rethink that plan for her next vacation. I'm just saying.



  1. could always have fun imagining what is taking place behind the curtains. That didn't help much, did it? Cheers Michele!!

  2. That's a lovely view of...curtains.

    Don't you just love being asked to guest post? And for Keely, no less! You go, girl!

  3. Lovely!

    I will have to go take a peek at Keely's place.

  4. Hey, if they open the curtains, the view may be more entertaining than the lake, right?

  5. You got a raw deal there! I'll be looking for your guest spot. :)

  6. I suppose it could be a nice view if there was anything kinky going on in the other room. You know, save you from having to pay for the hotel pr0n. ;)

    Did you hear that Jetblue (I think it was them) was offering unlimited flying for something like $500/month? Wonder if JR could use it.

  7. Curtains! Well, at least you have curtains. Curtains are good. Take JR with you, curtains are real good.


  8. Oh... this is SO my luck!

    I love the lake pictures. Perhaps you can paste them to the windows/doors. Bring your own view, right?


  9. Gee, I wonder what your view would have been like WITHOUT being a Priority Club member.

  10. hahahaha

    Isn't that how it always goes?

    Looking forward to your guest post.

  11. Are you kidding? That plan worked out FANTASTIC.