Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Foodie = Fail Hindu Temple Instead

This week we have been kitchenless as we have the spontaneous water feature repaired. There is paint and drywall dust everywhere. While, I, personally, think Ollie, our, now, favorite drywall guy, is terrific I want him out of the house. (good grief that sentence has a lot of commas) I want to wipe every surface in the house down with cleaner and/or those nifty Swiffer dusters. Raise your hand if you like Swiffer dusters!

While, having an indoor water fall is probably fashionable I can't recommend it for the breakfast room or, at least, not if you have no choice as to its placement. It seems placement is key for this sort of thing.

Since, cooking is out (see cleaning requirements above for excuse). I decided to entertain you with pictures of the Hindu Temple we stumbled across on the way home from eating out. It has some big long Indian name that I couldn't begin to spell or pronounce. Doesn't matter. It's fantastic!

This is the view from the parking lot. Awesome!!

We got there just as the sun was setting.

The grounds are fantastic. With flowers and ponds and waterfalls. (not like the one in my breakfast room. More like serene planned ones).

There is carved marble everywhere. As I took my shoes off at the base of the steps I expected them to be a little rough but they were smooth as a baby's bum.

The cravings are intricate and, I'm pretty sure, filled with all kinds of meaning that completely escaped me but I can appreciate the workmanship.

I'm going back.
During the daytime.

It is totally understandable how one can be spiritual in a place like this.

Now, that I know which sections women can go in and which they can't. Did you know they politely lead you out of the men's section when you miss reading the sign? They do. And they do it with all these nice teenage boys dressed in white. So polite. Yeah, I'm a dork.


Julie, They have a yogi center. I'll be checking that out. I'm hoping they offer classes. I need bendy and meditative things right now.


  1. Bee-yoo-tee-ful pictures. While Swiffers work well, if I see one of their lame and incredibly annoying commercials one more time, I am going to stick hot needles into my ears and eyes.

  2. Now that is some gorgeous stuff. Maybe you can convince your favorite drywall guy to hook you up with some relatable art on the walls? You know, while he's up there and everything..

  3. Wow, that's in Houston?? What a treasure! And yes, please tell about the yoga classes. Turnin' lab emerald green with envy out here :-)

  4. WOW! I would go there in a flash, if I could. I didn't realize Houston has such a different amount of culture. I always just think ships and oil and rich old men.

    I need slow down stuff also, but I really need to speed up...ackkkkkkkkk


  5. Beautiful photos. Makes me want to go back to India. Which I thought I would never say.

  6. So you were cruising in the men's room at the temple? That place is beautiful and I think you should try to get a room there while your house is getting fixed. And wtf about getting rid of the water feature? Your property value is going DOWN.

  7. the pictures alone made my shoulders drop a bit. Beautiful

  8. What a beautiful place, and lovely photos.

  9. I looooove Swifters.

    Aren't I a good house husband?

    My in-laws live between two temples. Not as pretty as that one though.

  10. Geez, I had to go back and reread, I thought you were saying this was a restaurant.....okay, I'm tired. Lovely pictures!