Sunday, August 23, 2009

Candied Walnut Ravioli with Sundried Tomato Sauce

I didn't want those candied walnuts to go to waste so this weekend I used them to make breakfast and dinner on Sunday.

If you didn't see the candied walnuts recipe it's right here.

This is a three part recipe. You've got your filling, your pasta, and your sauce. I cheated on the sauce by using some bottled sauce I had on hand. The ravioli is sweet so you'll want to have a savory sauce to put on top. I'd stay clear of a regular tomato sauce because it tends to be sweet.

You don't have to make your own pasta. I did because I didn't have any won ton wrappers on hand. You can cut out a lot of the work in this recipe by using won ton wrappers. If you've never had homemade pasta you've missed out on a treat. I try to make it every couple of months because it is so dang good.

All in all this looks fancy and sounds like a pain in the tush but really it's not. The filling is a make ahead deal and with won ton wrappers assembly would be a snap.

Candied Walnut Ravioli with Sundried Tomato Sauce.

1/2 cup ground candied walnuts
1 cup low fat ricotta cheese
1 egg
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

I crushed up the walnuts in my food processor in the morning to make pancakes so I just went ahead and made the filling for the ravioli at the same time. This cut back considerably on the prep time in the evening.

Empty the walnuts out of the food processor so you can grind up some Parmesan cheese. That is if you don't buy it already grated.

Toss the walnuts back into the pool. Add the 1 cup of ricotta cheese and the egg.

Blend until it is a stiff paste.

Wow, I could have so cropped these pictures better. Now, you can see what a truly messy cook I am.

2 cups flour
3 eggs

In a large flatish pan/bowl thingy. I use the pan that I make brownies in. I think it is a 9" X 9"baking pan. Some people make their pasta dough right on their counter top. I like mine a little more contained then that.

Dump in the flour. Make a well in the flour. Crack eggs into the well. Mix gently. I use a fork until I get the eggs somewhat incorporated then I dig right in with my hands. Gently knead dough until it gets smooth. You may have to add a little water or flour to get it to the right consistency. Or do yourself a favor. Skip this part altogether and buy some won ton wrappers.

Let it rest on a floured surface at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. This is a fine time to either make your sauce if you're going to, make your filling if you haven't already or, and this was my choice, have that first glass of wine.

Cut dough into quarters.

Roll out dough. I used my pasta maker but it is just as easy to use a rolling pin.

You want long thin strips. The pasta maker pretty much takes care of this but if you are rolling it by hand you'll want to keep this in mind.

Aren't those the cutest little mounds of filling? I use my baby ice cream type scoop to get them looking like this. It pays to have a husband that works for a restaurant supply store.

Scoop a little of the filling onto one strip of dough. Space them out about a little more than an inch or so. You need some space to work with.

Cover with another sheet of dough. Squeeze the dough around the mounds of filling to get the air out.

I used a pizza cutter but you could use any ole thing to cut your ravioli. Crimp the edge with a fork. I doubt if this last step is mandatory but it does make prettier ravioli. Wondering what I did with the leftover strips of pasta dough. Yeah, I didn't think so but I'll torture you with the answer anyway. I cut it into egg noodle type strips and refrigerated it. Tomorrow or the next day I'll use it for something.

Let the ravioli sit while you bring a pot of water to a simmer. This step dries them out a little. That's a good thing.

You don't want a rolling boil on this one, fans. These babies are just too tender for boiling. Drop 4 or 5 into the water. No crowding the pool. Cook until they float to the top. I'd say about 5 minutes. They take so little time that this should be done after you have everything else ready. Boil only those that you are going to eat right then. Cover the others with a damp paper towel. You'll get to these after dinner.

Serve immediately. Enjoy!
Makes about 20 ravioli.

Cook the remaining ravioli. Pour a tiny bit of olive oil over them to keep them separated. Refrigerate.

I served mine with dilled peas and some crusty bread. Yummy.

This makes a terrific Meatless Monday dinner and lunch the next day.



  1. Holy cow! Homemade ravioli, I am mighty impressed!

  2. Another great recipe! What about the pancakes that you put the walnuts in?

  3. Great....I just gained 5 pounds reading that. I'm so glad I picked you to marry (see my blog post today for clarification)

    I bet this taste great with pesto too! I'd send you my fresh pesto if I could. I have so much basil in my garden, I'm making it by the gallon!

  4. I just drooled all down the front of my shirt. You tend to do that to me.

    Your pasta recipe is the same as my pasta recipe except I add a little salt and mix and knead it in my stand mixer.

  5. Looks good but instead of walnuts wouldn't it be better if one used ground up Fritos? I like Fritos. Cheers Michele!!

  6. I've made your ravioli before. It's time consuming but good. I may have to do it again. This looks amazing!

  7. Far too much work for me, but if you invite me over I'll bring the wine.

  8. Yup, I'd eat that. Are you going to try it with Fritos? I like Fritos too.

  9. can't fool me this time I'm eating out, AGAIN!. I wish I lived with you.

  10. For a librarian, you are a very talented chef. There's a new show starting over here called 'My kitchen rocks' where people compete to make gourmet dished in their own kitchen (I know you've probably already got it over there). Well, this recipe made me think you should go on that show.

  11. Wow---this looks awesome!! I have never made my own pasta, I'm new at adventures in cooking, but someday I will try homemade pasta--cause it really doesn't seem that hard!

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