Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RTT = Ramblin' Ramblin' Ramblin' Keep Those Doggies Ramblin'


Well folks it's that day of the week. Tuesday. The day after Monday. The second day of the week. Only 4 more days until the weekend. Woohoo for weekends. What is important to note about Tuesday is that it can be random. Random Tuesday. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Wish I'd thought of it. But, I didn't. Keely did. Clever isn't she? Me? I'm just riding this pony. So saddle up for some randomness here then head over here. You won't be sorry.

Sometimes my top searches are pretty boring. Truly these are no different. You've got your recipes and recipes, and a dog dildo thrown in for fun but WTF is up with #6. Who exactly wants a dildo attachment for a Kitchenaid mixer. Is that for a stand mixer? I'm going to go out on a limb here but I'm not sure that would work.
(I tried to make the font color a little more readable but alas it was not to be)

Top Searches that Brought Readers to Your Blog (max 25 shown)
  1. zucchini pizza dough (4 times)
  2. elvgren (3 times)
  3. portabella mushrooms (3 times)
  4. dog dildo (3 times)
  5. pumpkin ravioli sauce (1 time)
  6. kitchenaid mixer dildo (1 time)
  7. label (1 time)
  8. dildos for dogs (1 time)
  9. grill portbella (1 time)
  10. 5066 (1 time)
  11. price of portabella mushrooms (1 time)
  12. witor's noir praline (1 time)
  13. brown rice (1 time)
  14. how much are portabella mushrooms? (1 time)
  15. meatless monday dairy products (1 time)
  16. random thoughts tuesday (1 time)
  17. dog spices herbs (1 time)
  18. yak cheese for dogs (1 time)
  19. flight attendant barbie (1 time)
  20. goofy poems (1 time)
  21. grilled greek (1 time)
  22. how to make brown rice with beans (1 time)
  23. 1978 style dresses (1 time)
  24. salad with portabella mushrooms (1 time)
  25. michele dog's life (1 time)

I received this wonderful email from my new friend Lucy. Do you thing that young single Lucy is wanting me to pimp for her? Not that I won't. Really, isn't it my civic and humanitarian duty to help poor sweet English impaired Lucy. I'll no doubt get a Noble Peace Prize for helping her out. If not a Noble definitely a Pulitzer for helping her with her grammar. I wouldn't do it for the money or the prestige. I'd do it for a desperate foreigner. How could I resist this plea for help?

Hello my lovely dear friend,
Hope your enjoying the good atmosphere of the day accordingly,i know it might surprised how i got your email address,it was while surfing the net that i discovered it,then i derived interest and decided to drop few couple of mine
words to you.first and foremost, i want to use this medium express myself once again to you,my name is miss.Lucy Aliyu,single young girl,searching for a mature man with good sense of humour ,also will appreciate each other start having a good relationship with a real love,caring, understand and honest man,please i appreciate you endeavours contact me directly in the above email address so as to enable me sending my pictures directly to your email box for further introduction,shall be very glad reading good news from you soonest and God bless as you do comply.
miss Lucy

I've got a bit of a gripe here. My familymember-in-law who, never ever contacts me. Would prefer that I didn't answer any emails from him (only JR can. Yeah, it's a rule. One I didn't know about until 5 years ago when I was asked never to answer any of his emails. There is a story here but boring! or maybe not. It would make a nice rant. Not today) Anyway, he emails JR about some family history questions. JR writes back that he will have to email me because I know all that stuff. I get a email from him with his question. I supposed to answer? I mean I was told never to answer their emails. They would prefer not to hear from me. In fact, if they call they really don't have much to say to me. Quite a dilemma I've got on my hands. Well, I do pass along some info because I'm nice and I'm a librarian. We can't help ourselves. We have to give out information whether people want it or not. We'll decide if you need it Thankyouverymuch. Then he questions my information. Ahhhh.....librarian here! After 5 or 6 emails back and forth he's willing to throw in the towel as long as I've got it covered but if I come across any living relatives in that area that would be nice to know. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

That is enough out of me. You really need to head on over to Keely's place. That's where she rounds up the herd.


PS: the title of this post does not imply that I think of any of us as cows. I would never think that. I should shut up now.


  1. #4 on that list concerns me. Just sayin'

  2. Oh, that's annoying about the email. My FIL will only talk to/answer Jamie but still, I'm expected to send pictures of the kids. So I routinely email out pictures and then Jamie gets phone calls to discuss and never a word of thanks to me. Fucker. Sorry, I turned this into an "I hate my FIL" email.

    Dildo appliances... sounds uhm, interesting.

  3. Gah! In-laws! Can I just say how lucky I am for my in-laws? Not that we didn't have our problems... If you asked me two years ago, the answer would have been "Gnash, grr, argh, %R^&*^&$@@**!" And that's a direct quote.
    (I thought I was the lone pumpkin ravioli search, but then I have the direct connect to your blog and don't go the commoner Google way. Yeah, I'm special..)

  4. So...did you find someone for Lucy?

    The relative that cant take info from YOU therefore does not neeed YOUR info. Just my opinion of course!
    Actually my MIL is getting that way too. She must hear it from Daryl not me. I am no longer good enough to talk to I guess. But yet she bitches at/about ME not ever calling her! Why would I?
    While sitting around her table chatting I share something of importance. She pretends to not understand me til hubs repeats me word.for.word then she understands. Ugh. I dont have time for that type of BS. Really.
    Why would I call her if my interpertor is half way across the US not there to tell her it all again anyways???
    When I call her and tell her what we found out at Mayo Clinic with Zach's hand she calls hubs and double checks out the info! Sometimes hubs hasnt even heard yet if he is sitting in bad cell
    area (happens ALOT).

    Enough! Remember I dont have time for this? lol

  5. Yak cheese for dogs???


  6. The IL story was weird and you are way nicer than me.

  7. Dog dildo? Did I miss a couple of crucial posts over here?

  8. Please tell me that your last contact with the IL was to tell them to shove it?

    Except for the kitchen aid mixer dildo, that seems like a rather decent list. Though, without opposible thumbs, can dogs opperate a dildo?

  9. You crack me up! :)


  10. I've heard of some crazy attachments for kitchen aid mixers, but that was a new one.

    Happy Random Tuesday

  11. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  12. Wait, are we not cows? I'm confused!

    Girl, you shoulda asked our advice about your family member-in-law BEFORE you helped him out. I would have told you to send him on a wild goose chase, dropping by the house of a random stranger and demanding room and board because you told him it was your long lost cousin, twice removed.

  13. I love that librarians feel honor-bound to pass along information. Now I know who to bug ... uh, ask ... for help!

  14. Oh yeah. Gotta love in laws.

    I really, REALLY want to find out if there is a actually a dildo attachment for a kitchenmaid now. Sheer, morbid curiousity.