Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Beach

This is the beach at Padre Island National Seashore.

We needed this day at the beach!

The sky was blue. The water was warm.

The birds were....well....birds

Which is to say they flew and pecked at stuff.

I didn't think I was a sea bird kind of person since I consider them rats with wings.

But, I sure got a lot of pictures of them.
And, it wasn't like they were everywhere or anything.

JR sedately walked.

Me? Not so much.


PS. You can thank me later for getting that ugly ole toe off my blog. It was surely creeping me out.


  1. I don't do anything sedately.

    I love the coast; the water isn't as clear and calm as it is in other places, but it's still very beautiful. Rats with wings and all.

  2. WOW! That is lovely! I have had rare times to get to see and enjoy the beach, but they were wonderful!


  3. he water is still warm when we come to visit, we are so going there!!! Well, maybe even if its not warm,we'll still go. Cuz then I can say I've swam in all 3 bodies of water surrounding the US. I get a kick out of that kind of stuff, yeah I know I'm corny :)

  4. I can't decide which it worse pigeons or seagulls. Actually pigeons are worse, they carry diseases. Plus Seagulls have the funny scene in Finding Nemo.. "mine mine mine mine mine"

  5. Yeah, rats with wings....pretty much what I've always thought. But I'm always amazed when I see them 100 miles inland from the coast. How LONG does it take to fly that far if you're a seagull? Anyone? Huh?

  6. Poor kid is toe up and you kicked him down the site!
    Love the pictures though! (And hate the birds too. Seagulls and pelicans? On my shit list, mostly because of shit..)

  7. Noooo, really?!?! You were that close to us? I love me some fellow Texans! We were in it!

  8. embarrasing that I live near a beach and yet never go.....

  9. That sounds like a nice relaxing day, except for JR getting his shorts wet and having to walk around in soggy shorts all day. Seagulls suck.

  10. It looks like a beautiful beach! Lovely photos. How long is that beach?

    (You and HB would get along famously as he also considers seagulls to be rats with wings. He hates it when I feed them.)

  11. Just looking at those photos is calming! What a lovely area!