Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RTT - Yeah, it's Brain Droppings Time!


Good Morning Everyone!
I'm hoping for a good day in my neighborhood.
Chances are poor so let's have a bit of a chuckle before the day goes in the crapper.

First, on the hit parade is from the wonderfulness herself, Miss Julie.
We couldn't find a better image of this so I spent a little time
interpreting it for you.

From the top down...
Red: I will never have a job that pays taxes
Blue: I actually cost taxes. You know, with the prison and all....
Green: Socially acceptable rebellion tattoo zone.
Teal: 67% chance of dragons, wings, or equivalent taggy lameness
Purple: Yes, buying me a drink will totally work
Orange: It is only when drunk that I discovered my friends are assholes.
Yellow and black stripes: DANGER. Tattoos here will become humiliating 500% faster than normal.
Greenish yellow: People always want to show their tattoos off. Draw your own conclusions and make an appointment with your local clinic
Pink: Cute Little Princess. Now with Real Tattoo Accessory!

Uhhhhh....I might have wanted to consult this informative chart before I chose my tattoo location.

On South Congress street in Austin, Texas is this terrific barbershop. It comes complete with all the old timey chairs and sinks. Get a look at that Coke machine at the back.

Blue Bell Creamery has become my favorite stopping off point on the way home from Austin. It is about the half way point in the drive. Everyone needs a break about then. Yeah, so I am justifying my latest addiction. What's it to ya?
Blackberry Pie ice cream on Friday. Yummy!

This is my dream car.
Yeah, you know you want it.
Casey? Does it look familiar?

Recent text message between my friend Lisa and I.

Me: OMG Nordstroms has $39 panties. i don't think my ass is worth that much.
Lisa: They must be some mighty fancy panties

Yeah, she's the master of understatement. That's why I love her.

Father's day this weekend.
I gave JR his gift. It's pretty much the same gift he gets every year: Me
Original huh? He likes it and I don't have to shop for it. Win! Win!

That is it for me. I'm just about to fall asleep on my laptop. This would not normally be a problem but the drool would be hard to explain to the repair guys.

You will want to hustle over to Keely's place to check out all the others joining the fun that she likes to call Random Thoughts Tuesday.



  1. wow. You've got some scary stuff on there. It would be cool to own that VW bus for like a day.

  2. Okay, go ahead - throw your weekly trips to the Bluebell creamery in my face.


    $39 panties? It's enough to make you forget about ice cream...

  3. That tattoo informative chart was hilarious...*whew!* I'm glad I didn't make it into some of those categories... ;)

    What a cool barber shop!

    Wish we had a Blue Bell Creamery here...well, maybe I don't should I ever be tempted to buy any 'might fancy panties'. ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  4. Ha! I love the tattoo chart. I might have to forward to some of my sisters (they have tramps stamps on the small of their backs).

    Happy Random Tuesday.

  5. I could get a pair of good jeans for $39! Panties are over rated ;)

  6. Why on earth would you pay for panties. Just go bare like me!!

    Blackberry pie ice cream! OMG, I think I've just cum.

  7. Woot! I'm in the 'Socially acceptable rebellion tattoo zone.' And I also fit in the 67%

  8. Wow, I fit in NONE of those categories. I always was the odd child out..

  9. LOVE the tattoo chart! And the barbershop looks awesome. Happy RTT!

  10. You goof! You made me laugh. I esp. liked the father's day gift, that's what made him a father so the gift just keeps giving and giving and more ways than one.


  11. Oh, I love the bus! Jim Morrison was DREAMY.

    I didn't see the "thinks she's badass enough to get a tattoo but has to get it in a spot that her mom will never see but doesn't realize that once she pumps out two kids, the tattoo will be so distorted that it will no longer remotely resemble the badass tattoo she got on a whim at 19 in the first place" location. Where exactly is that?

  12. Oh man, now I have to change where I'll get my next tattoo...
    Or maybe I'll just skip the $30 panties and put it there.

  13. But...but...I *do* pay taxes. Should I stop?

    Awesome dream car. You should go out and get that. It'll go with your tattoo :P

  14. Now I want some blackberry pie ice cream! And $39 panties.

  15. OMG I LOVE that car. That's my dream car too! We could go on a road trip and totally rock out to the Dead the whole way.

  16. I dig that barbershop. How about you post some pictures of your ass and we can all vote as to whether it is worthy of $39 panties. Cheers Michele!!

  17. Thank you for recognizing overpriced undergarments.
    Some show I watched yesterday, (for just a moment to be clear), extolled the virtues of a bra which was a mere $99. It was adjustable...

    Could be lack of need for a bra which makes me find that price ridiculous or that is just a ridiculous price.

  18. Fabulous post, m'dear! So many things to comment on, so few brain synapses left with which to comment! As for paying big bucks for undergarments, well, i've done that with bras - kinda like the government investing in infrastructure. You'd hate to have an el cheapo model fail you at a critical moment.