Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello? Hello?


My new cutting boards.
I love them even if they make me feel cocky and sophisticated. So cocky and sophisticated that I sliced off the tip of my finger. Oh yeah! That's sophisticated.

The phone rang on Saturday morning. Here is how the conversation went.
Me: Hello

Mrs. R this is Officer Whatever from the Harris County Police Guild. We are in the midst of vehicle safety month and would like your support in our campaign against drunk driving. We would love to send you a packet of materials that you can give away or display.

Me: That sounds like a really terrific program and I would be happy to participate. If you want to send me the packet I will display it but if you are requesting donations I have to tell you I don't.....hello....hello.....hello.

Heard in the Target bathroom:
small girl: Mommy you have chocolate poop.
mom: Honey, we don't need to talk about that.
small girl: but mommy it looks like chocolate. Your poop is chocolate.
mom: shhhh...that's enough.
small girl: I hate chocolate.

If your college age son plans to go to med school do not count on him to fix the finger that you just attempted to cut off. He sucks at it. His bedside manor resembles that of Dr. House. And the bottle of wine you just consumed is not helping with the pain; which means ice is so not going to help. FYI everybody!

I've decided since I'm injured JR & the Boy should do everything around here. So what if JR has to fly to Ft. Worth tomorrow and the Boy is studying for his medical exams. They should succumb to all my needs. Who's with me?

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  1. Oh yes, JR and the boy should most certainly wait on your while you're recovering from your wounded fingertip. How could they not?

  2. M, so sorry about your finger. I did something similar a couple years ago when I attempted to separate two frozen hamburg patties with THE biggest knife in my know the rest. Stitches, stitches, stitches....these things happen. BTW visit me today....I have a little something there for YOU!

  3. I love your new cutting boards too. There is something about a good wood cutting board.

    Hope the finger heals quickly.

  4. I bet your bloody, disembodied fingertip looked divine resting on those sweet looking cutting boards. Cheers Michele!!

  5. How many years have you spent caring for each one of their needs? OK. 'nuff said.
    Happy RTT

  6. Michele -- Hope your finger is OK -- and you didn't have to throw away your nice new cutting board!

  7. So I take it the boy is not going to be a surgeon?? Hope your finger heals quickly as it doesnt sound like you have anyone to help out!!

    I have some organic chocolate that tastes like poo. yuk Best kind to have around when trying to lose a few pounds.

  8. cute blog. that sucks about your finger. everyone should stay home and wait on you!

  9. Those cutting boards are lovely! And that bathroom conversation is one of my own worst fears.

  10. I remember those bathroom conversations. LOL!

    And I'm in love with your new cutting boards. But not in love with your cut finger. Ow!

  11. Nice cutting boards; no blood stains?
    Of course they need to care for you; where would they be without you?

  12. Hi, visiting from Keely's. Sorry about your finger, that sounds painful.

    The bathroom conversation was priceless! Out of the mouths of babes.

  13. I'm with you! I just can't donate anything..
    John used some of the chili powder last night when making dinner and it ROCKED!
    I must admit it was used on meat, but still ROCKED!
    I also told him "Michele will probably have a conniption if she knows we used her spices on meat." and he said, "Don't tell her." He was getting you back, you know. :-)

  14. Goodness! Those things can take forever to heal.



  15. Random (but as it turns out, somewhat related to your post)Tuesday Comment:

    The little purple flowers blooming outside my front door smell like ass.

  16. Oops..I filleted the tip of my thumb off the other day. Don't use a fillet knife to cut an apple...lesson learned.

  17. And this is why people should follow my "No talking in the bathroom, under any circumstances" rule.

    Nice boards. Not so great for the finger, huh? Remind that son who's putting him through med school... And that he's getting "hands on" experience to make up for lack of study time.

  18. I agree.....let the boy and JR work.
    Love the new cutting boards!!
    And, I'm ROFL @ the bathroom convo!

  19. The bloody color from your sophisticated finger probably compliments the cutting board well!

  20. Ouchie! Actually those cutting boards are so cute that I think the tip of your finger is a fair price.

    Hope you're on the mend!

  21. Youch, no more drunken cooking for you young lady! Those cutting boards do kick my cutting board's asses, I have to admit that.

    Hmm, chocolate poop. Never thought of it in that way before.

  22. You mean you BLED on those lovely boards?? For shame!

    I bet that kid never gets fat, now that she's scarred for life about chocolate.

  23. OMG! You got blood on those beautiful boards!!!!

    I have some fabulous ones that I got for my wedding. I'm afraid I'll ruin them if I use them.