Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boring Random Thoughts Tuesday.


Welcome fellow citizens of the blogging world. I give you my random thoughts for Tuesday. Or as I like to call them "the crazy ass things that run through my head". I just have to share. It's a compulsion. Sort of like Nessa's ball fetching OCD.
  • What were these people thinking? Have they been channeling my thoughts?

  • Half of my top ten searches are food related. Pretty exciting stuff, huh.
  1. huevos rancheros recipe (9 times)
  2. portabella mushrooms (6 times)
  3. goofy poems (3 times)
  4. michele dogs life (3 times)
  5. prom 1978 (2 times)
  6. pioneer cooking (2 times)
  7. pioneer cooking recipes (1 time)
  8. portabella mushrooms stuffed grilled winner (1 time)
  9. pictures of gunne sack dresses (1 time)
  10. greek portabella mushrooms (1 time)
That huevos rancheros recipe has been the number one result for the last 8 weeks (obviously you all need to go search for it right now , maybe not right now, don't leave quite yet, because 9 times is the lowest it's been in a month. You'll find it on page two of a Google search. Please click on it. Then maybe it will retain it's number one status and I might make the first page of the search. Page 2 is like the homecoming dance princess not the queen. Not quite pretty or popular enough. Which really is the story of my life. **whining pitifully**).

I can only concluded one thing from this; I am boring. Boring and I eat too much. My scale tells me I eat too much I don't need affirmation from my weekly stats. So, I like to eat....sue me!
I guess I need to start swearing more or posting adult content. Tripper's balls were just not good enough. Well, I'll show them. Stay tuned for my Wordless Wednesday post. Oh Yeah!

  • New restaurant find for us in Houston. Chuy's. Oh Yeah!!!!

Good food and funky atmosphere. What more could one ask for from a restaurant?
Those are the coolest painted wooden fish hanging from the ceiling. I'm so going to get me some of those for my office. Zoom in on the art piece on the wall. It is made of flattened beer cans and labels. Mixed media; my favorite! (Funny thing is; if you take the picture with the camera on your cell phone there is no zooming in. POS thing only has one size. Drats!)

  • I was living in this house for a month before JR showed up. In that whole time not once did I need a toilet plunger. First day he gets here and we have to run to the store for one. It seems that every Sunday he's plunging out the toilet. Damn, he's only here on the weekends. Does he like save it up? How special should I feel that he waits to plug up our toilet?
  • Nessa went into the groomers yesterday a matted, dirty, and fluffy dog.
She came out looking like this:

Her teeth were brushed and rinsed with eucalyptus mouthwash .
She was washed, conditioned, and perfumed.
She had a mani/pedi.
Her ears were cleaned.
She had the whole spa treatment.
She has a new lease on life.
A new summer 'do will do that to you.
I'm so jealous.

  • Off to another conference in Austin this week. I'm pretty excited about this one. It is an international conference on digital libraries. Yeah, your jealous, I know. There is nothing like a whole bunch of geeky librarians in a town known for being weird. The juxtaposition has not escaped me.
That's enough out of me. You absolutely must head over to see Keely and her motley crew of Random Tuesday Thoughts contributors. I'm pretty sure their search results don't sound like an advertisement for a Mexican cookbook or as my small town Texas friend says "crazy as a peach orchard sow".


PS: this is my 300th post. Aren't you all lucky that I decided not to do a 300 things you absolutely don't need to know about me. You can thank me later.


  1. When you guys meet in Austin you are all going to get drunk and alphebetize the streets signs, aren't ya? Cheers Michele!!

  2. I used to get my dog a haircut for her Christmas gift every year (we have Christmas in summer, just in case you forgot) (no, I knew you wouldn't forget) (I figured some of your other readers might not know that) and she always looked like a different dog.

  3. My recipes for macaroni salad and sweet potato salad have been vying for top spot in my search terms for the last 3 months, so I'm joining you in the "boring person who likes to eat too much" category.

    As sad as it is to admit, I'm jealous of your dog, too.

  4. Looks like a groovy place! And happy 300th! (John stole the rest of the ravioli leftovers. Bastard.)

  5. I for one am glad you like to eat (and I'm right there with you, sister) because I love, love, love your recipes. Keep 'em coming, please!

  6. OMG - they obviously switched dogs. I wonder if they other owner is looking for the dog you took home :)

  7. Was that cosmos in a bottle??
    Congrats on 300 posts; seems very far away to me!
    (I think they gave you back a different dog...)

  8. Cosmos in a bottle? Hmm, that's like trying to pass tofaux off as a bbq pork sandwich (yes, you did that!). What will you do now for wet bar performance art??

  9. Yay for 300, congrats! Nessa looks so happy after her spa day, I'm jealous too.

    I'm one of the top searches for a few different topics but none of them are very exciting. Except a few weeks back when someone got here by searching for and I was the second result. I'm not anymore but that was a proud day for me.

    Have fun this weekend!

  10. You are so not boring!!!

    Nessa looks fabulous! :)

  11. Congrats on 300 posts! That's amazing.

    I think it's awesome that people are finding your receipes - congrats on that.

    And the dog looks fabulous. I think I need a haircut too.

  12. Looks like a fun place to dine!!

    Nessa has been....sheared!!! My goodness! You are absolutely sure its her?? She seems to have enjoyed the spa treatment.

    Tubster just had his day there too. He let out some horrible cries when we left them but I'm sure he enjoyed the end result!! And smelled better too!!! For a few minutes anyways!!

    Congrats on 300 posts!!! I'm not too far behind ya!!! Keep up the great blog!

  13. Mmm cosmos!

    I wish my Google searches qualified me as a "boring person who likes to eat too much", since that's what I am. Apparently, though, I'm a "person who supports incest and swears too much".