Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Good morning everyone. How are we this fine and beautiful day? Me? I’m good. I’d like to give a quick shout out to the jerk on the feeder road to Loop 610 this morning. I let you cut in after you snuck around the five other cars behind me using the barely navigable shoulder . You didn’t use your turn signal (I can’t read your mind) and you had the nerve to honk at the person in front of you because they wouldn’t move up enough for you to get in. So I say: “Get off your damn cell phone in traffic you effing jerk.”

Finally getting a new washer and dryer set installed in the house has completed me in a way I never thought possible. Now I know how JR feels. (The man does all the laundry at our house. Why yes, I am that lazy).

I’ll be going to the American Library Association annual meeting this July. 20,000+ librarians will descend on Chicago. Books will be passed around, copious amounts of food will be eaten, vendors will be set upon like road kill, and the liquor industry will think they have died and gone to heaven. Good Times!

I don’t normally go to ALA but the new job sort of requires it. It’s a networking thing. What really makes me excited about this year’s event is this function:

NEW! Cookbook Pavilion featuring
the Cooking Demonstration Stage
New in 2009, the Cookbook Pavilion will be heating up
the exhibit floor with fantastic displays of the latest cookbooks.
Chefs will be there everyday to prepare the hottest
recipes on the Demonstration Stage and to autograph
their latest books.

I may never leave the Cookbook Pavilion. They will have to pry my fat ass off the chair during the demonstrations then issue restraining orders to get me away from the cooks. My blog stalking will come in handy. Thank you all for letting me practice on you.

Something I must also check out while at ALA:

Love is in the Air - Romance
Writers Discuss their Work
Track: Authors, Literature & Cultural Programming Debbie Macomber and other bestselling
romance writers will discuss and read from their work and engage the audience in
questions and answers. The program will be moderated by Library Journal’s Book
Review Editor, Barbara Hoffert. Following the discussion, writers will sign their
books—many of which will be given away while others will be sold at a very generous

I met Nora Roberts at the last ALA conference (I promise not to come within 50 feet as ordered if you show up Nora) so I'll be pulling myself away from the cookbooks long enough to make the romance writers wish they had never come. Cause that's the way I roll.

These little tidbits on nonsense comply with the rules and regulations of the Random Thoughts Tuesday brought to us by the fabulousness of Keely over at the UnMom. Go check her and all the rest of the law abiding citizens of the blog world. Is that going too far? Can I really call myself law abiding? Well, I'm going too because most times I am.

Uh...are there rules? I guess I should have checked.



  1. Oh, I am jealous of you and your Cookbook Pavilion. Jealous, I tell you!!!

    You'll tell me all about it when you get back, right? *wimper*

  2. Better check your 12 Step Program to make sure cook book pavilions aren't verboten. . . Ahh, ALA! 'Strue about how happy librarians make the liquor industry. Libs are generally good tippers and don't tear up the hotels. That's what I heard from a 'Nawlins cabbie, anyways.

  3. You can keep your cookbooks but the washer and dryer won me over too. That was our first big purchase after we got the house and I'm still in love with them.

  4. You had me at new washer and dryer...

  5. Once I met Chef Paul Prudhomme at a convention. He's one of my favorite chefs but when I saw him in person? I thought he was Dom Delouise (however you spell that). So embarrassing.

  6. Your shout out was funny! I hate that!

    thanks for being a follower!

  7. You met Nora Roberts?
    I am honored to stalk you!
    When is the conference? Would it happen to be around July 23-26?

  8. Whew, professional conferences are fun! I can't believe there is a cookbook pavillion! Clearly I am really missing out.

    Hope the new job is still going well!

  9. I want to go!!! PLEASE!!!!


  10. I want to stalk Nora Roberts, too!