Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday Foodie that sounds suspiciously like Random Thoughts Tuesday

Still no cooking going on around here unless you call nuking a potato cooking. This place has a 1980s microwave. I swear that if I make the mistake of standing in front of it I'll form some sort of cancer. But can that sucker nuke a mean baked potato.

This thing can't be safe. If you hit the "on" button it stays on until you hit the "off" button. If you make the mistake of opening the door before you hit that off button; oh well for you. You've just nuked your boobs. Did I forget to mention that this thing is built-in at chest height. I fear for my boobs.

I've been spending my time figuring out how I can make recipes I see on the Food Network into veggie dishes. My favorite to date is my take on a BBQ pork sandwich. Smoked Tempeh, BBQ sauce and carmelized onions. When is JR showing up with my stuff? I have another week. Damn I may not make it. Or my girls may not make it.

The Minimalist from the NY times wrote an article yesterday about making good use of your freezer. It is a pretty good article. The only problem I have is when he talks about freezing that last 1/4 cup of a bottle of wine then using it for cooking later. Uh excuse me? I don't think so. You need to just make the bold move to kill that thing. Sure it will put you over the legal limit but you're at home. You know better than to grab your keys.

A couple of wonderful bloggers have given me awards. Thank you so much. I love you, man. (no I haven't been drinking. Yeah, I know that that is unusual.)

The lovely K over at Interstitial Life gave me this one:

Isn't it purdy? I love the old fashioned scrolly thing in the bottom corner. Thank you again K.

The next one is from Jan over at Jan's Sushi Bar. She says: "A Sushi Grade Blog is a cut above other blogs that are canned and turned into salad or casseroles. A Sushi Grade Blog is fresh, lively and of superior quality. It is rare, has character and is of good taste."

I question the good taste part; I mean I just spent the first two paragraphs of this post talking about nuking my boobs. Thank you, Jan.

She had some rules and regulations that I think I've complied with for the most part. I'm sure I've got 1 & 5 covered. I grabbed the award and I've linked back. Picking 5 bloggers is the hardest part. It's the part that throws me every time. So I think I'll just say that all of you are lovely sushi grade bloggers. If you want the awards then they are all yours because you all deserve it. Ahhhhh.....

QUICK UPDATE - Suz over at GreenJello nominated me for The Post of The Day for my post about evil clothes stealing girls. And I won or whatever is going on over there. Check it out. I'm so excited! I'm speechless (a rare and wonderful occurrence. Too bad JR isn't here to enjoy it)



  1. Oooo, do you really mean it?! Can we all have a new award for our collections??!!

    Yes be careful with the micro oven. My Grandma started boiling her water for tea in hers, and now she has dementia. It kills cells.

  2. Congrats on the awards!

    Those old microwaves are quite a trip aren't they? Enjoy your potatoe.

  3. Be careful with those radioactive potatoes. You might wake up next week with those creepy potato eyes sprouting from your forehead, and then you could tell everyone that you're a unicorn.

  4. I can't wait for you to get your kitchen stuff, too! :D I wouldn't worry to much about the microwave, though...but if your boobs start glowing in the dark, I want pictures.

    Oh, and I am SO with you on the wine thing.

  5. Protect the girls! Don't expose them, enclose them! (I should totally trademark that..)

  6. Freezing wine? Weird! Polish the sucker off and buy 'nuther one fer cryin' out loud!

    As for vegetizing a BBQ pork sandwich, well, that just ain't natural. I don't know what else to say :-)

  7. keep standing in front of the microwave and you will have THREE BOOBS

  8. I remember when microwaves first started getting popular, and it was the BIGGEST deal that you could bake a potato in like 7 minutes. Remember that? Awesome.

  9. Come on JR, she's getting nutty without you...oh, speachless without you. Oh, yes, and the microwave thing might change something ..oh I think I'll stop there.


  10. You could probably get three boobs just from eating tofaux pork. Either way, be careful out there.

  11. Be careful with those suckers!! Those of us who what boobs are scared for you!!!

  12. My kids are looking at me suspiciously and wondering why I am on the floor laughing. I'm not sure how to explain it to the. "Well kids, there's this lady with a blog that Mommy reads, and she has a microwave that doesn't turn off when she opens the door..." I don't think they'll get it. Man that gave me a great laugh. Also? Freezing wine? Um, no.

  13. I used to have a microwave oven that was actually named the "The Radiation King". You could open the door while it was still going. Scary.

  14. I'm just working my way through my reader so I haven't seen your award over at GJ's place but congrats!

    Might I suggest hitting some local garage sales tomorrow for a non-deadly microwave? Please? Your boobs will thank you.

  15. Congrats on awards - you certainly deserve them. I can't live without my microwave (especially since the oven is still broken and hasn't been replaced yet) It just does wonders on popcorn and it heats up my little homemade felt (stuffed with buckwheat) heating pad to perfection. It makes lousy cupcakes though. Hugs!

  16. Michele,

    I'm adding to your awards today! Just found your blog but am really enjoying it.

    Queen of ALLL Things, via the Preppy Princess.

  17. Congrats on your awards! :)