Monday, April 13, 2009

Spin Cycle Celebrity Style

Way back when, 1979 & 1980, I lived in Los Angeles, CA and worked in Beverly Hills. The land of swimming stars.

Trust me, not as exciting as it sounds.

One day, I needed to grab a few things at the drugstore down the street from the bank where I worked. A co-worker decided that she also needed a few things so we went together. Because, girls do that. Young girls especially. And were we ever young. I was 19.

We grabbed our few things (I can not for the life of me remember what they were, probably makeup) and stood in line behind this older gentleman (old for us). He was buying a case of rubbing alcohol. Strange but this was LA. People were strange in LA. Could be they still are.

My co-worker became very excited and started poking me with her finger.

Co-worker: "Michele, that's Jack Lemmon". She is literally bouncing. Bouncing and poking. Poking and bouncing. It was annoying.

Me: " Huh? Where?" Paying very little attention to those around me.

Co-worker: "The guy in front of you is Jack Lemmon. You know, the actor!!"

Me: "So it is". Trying to not embarrass myself or Mr. Lemmon.

Co-worker: "Say something to him" ,(said in a loud whisper)this was accompanied by more poking with a bit more bouncing thrown in.

Me: "Like what?" (said in a much quieter whisper) Poor Mr. Lemmon was looking back at us by this time with the cutest little smile on his face and a case of rubbing alcohol in his hands.

Co-worker: "I don't know. something". I thought she was going to pee her pants by this point.

Me (raising my voice just a little so he could hear): "I'm not exactly sure what you want me to say to him. What I'd like is for him to invite me to whatever party he's going to with all that rubbing alcohol". Making slight growling noise.

At this Jack Lemmon chuckled lightly, winked at me, picked up his case of rubbing alcohol and left. I didn't get my invite. I was bummed for just a minute. I consoled myself with the fact that I humored him just a bit.

That was one of my less embarrassing brushes with a celebrity. The year I spent in LA was a series of embarrassing moments so I count this as a high point.

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  1. LOL - you were cute! I'd have done something like throw myself in his arms and declared that I wanted to bear his children.

    I mean, after all - Jack Lemmon!!

  2. What's weird about a case of rubbing alcohol? If he had a case of vaseline as well, now that would be weird ;)

  3. I have it all together? Ha! As soon as I update the Spin Cycle, my butt is back in bed! I loved Jack Lemmon's movies as well as Gene Kelly's. I did get to meet Donald O'Connor when he did a show for some senior citizens at my high school and thought he was amazing, although my best friend thought I was crazy for going crazy over Donald O'Connor. Sigh. Young'ins. You're linked!

  4. Now I feel like I must know what all this rubbing alcohol was for....

  5. Well m'dear, I'm assuming that you and your new hose job (ooops, sorry, I meant the CAR's new hose job) made it safe and sound to Tejas.

    As they say in the Army, HOOOO AHHHH!

    Don't wanna know 'bout the alcohol. Nope, not askin'.

  6. I want to hear about more embarrassing encounters. Do share.

  7. That is a fantastic "something" to say. I would never have been that collected at 19.

  8. I once sold a couple of watch batteries to Dennis Leary at Radio Shack.

  9. What a great story. It's funny how celebrity struck we can be when we think we really don't care at all. I mean I'm sure if Johnny Depp was in front of me in line at the store I'd just ignore him...NOT!

  10. You have such an amazing life! When you write your cookbook, sprinkle it full of your experiences and your witty charm. It will be a sure seller.


  11. I heard that Jack turned into a grumpy old man anyway. Wait, he starred in Grumpy Old Men, he didn't turn into one. That's hilarious that you tried to bait him into extending an invite, too bad it didn't work!

  12. Ha, you were smooth as butter, girl! I need to hear about the more embarassing moments.

  13. Ha. That's such an endearing story. One of my brothers was in NYC when he took a leak next to John Ritter in a Broadway Theatre bathroom. No words were exchanged. Cheers Michele!!

  14. Snaps to you for coming up with something that interesting at 19...I think I would have been more of the poking and bouncing variety!!

  15. I would LOVE to know what he was doing with that!!!

    You know me...I would have asked!

  16. You've got more embarrassing moments? SPILL.

  17. I always liked Jack Lemmon. I bet he was amused! Great spin!