Thursday, April 9, 2009

A boat load of money just sailed away

Conversation between JR and me last weekend:

Michele, you need to take the car in before you leave and at least get the oil changed.

Right, I’ll do that (yawn)

No! really, take the car in!

Okay, I will

I hate to take the car in to get serviced. Invariably they find something that is wrong that will cost me a boat load of money. This time was no different.

“Mrs. R, before you take your trip you should really get the radiator replaced. It’s leaking, the hoses are shot, and the belts need to be replaced.” Says nice concerned young repairman

“What’s that going to cost me?” (me, inwardly cursing JR because that boat load of money has just sailed)

“If we only change the oil and all the stuff I listed it will only cost $700. If we do the service on the fuel system and the transmission that needs to be done also will add another $300 to the total.” (looking like he’s worried I’m going to have that heart attack that I’ve been threatening for years)


What can I expect? The car is 14 years old and has 153000 miles on it. It’s old. It’s tired. It's parts are wearing out. I know just how it feels. Unlike the car, $1000 is not going to get me up and running.

I shouldn’t be complaining. We bought the car used for next to nothing and we’ve put even less into it. About every 4 years or so we drop a grand or less to replace parts but that’s about it, though these parts replacement hits are getting closer together. Last one was about a year ago.This car has been a good deal but it looks like it’s getting to be time to move on.

I shouldn’t be sitting at the Whole Foods eating my organic (because it’s Whole Foods) pumpkin whole wheat muffin, my organic (can you say expensive, because it’s Whole Foods!) Bartlett pear and drinking my organic 1% milk (because it was cheaper than the organic Whole Foods coffee) getting all sentimental about a car. It’s a car, already. Geesh, I hate menopause.

Across the street is a Lingerie Superstore. I am SO tempted to walk over to find out what it so super about the store. Is it just an uber porn shop? Okay, that’s it, I have to know. I’ll report later.

It is not an uber porn shop. It is all lingerie, sexy costumes, and hooker shoes. Not a video or a sex toy in site. Kind of disappointing really, I was hoping for something outrageous. I’ll have to wait until I can get up to Cape Cod Girl’s area to visit an uber porn shop and the fall leaves (my dream vacation all wrapped up into one. CCG I'll be heading your way. So pull out the hide-a-bed. LOL!). I was happy to see that they had a whole section of organic lotions, oils and lubricants. Trying to cater to the Whole Foods crowd from across the street I guess.

Hey Becky, next time you are looking for a pair of fishnets I know just the place. They have fishnets in very color of the rainbow. This place carries full body fishnets. What more could you ask for. And, these are the good fishnets, very fine mesh, not the ones that would catch tuna but the ones that would catch sardines. Ewwww…I just gave that sentence some more thought. Sorry.

I was in awe of their selection. They offer more than the typical panty-less cheerleader costumes and milkmaid outfits. So if you ever get invited to an Oscar party and want to look like Cher at the 1986 Oscar’s this is the place to find them.

I could have done without the 3 saleswoman literally attacking me at the front door. I wanted to browse, maybe secretly take a couple of pictures, do a little blog recon but NO! I had a saleswoman wanting to follow me around the store telling me about their inventory clearance sale. So sorry, no pictures.

So 5 ½ hours and $700 later I drive out of the repair place with a brand spanking new radiator, all new hoses and belts, and an oil change.

JR: “How did it go at the car repair place?”

Me: “I had to get a new radiator. It took 5 ½ hours and cost $700. Thank you for asking.”

JR: “What, did you buy the gold plated one?”

Me: “Grrrrr………..” (flips him the bird)




  1. I'm staring at the picture like Cher's going to lean over and start dusting the Oscar statue with her head...

    Retail sales people drive me crazy (in more ways than one, since we develop software for them). They either ignore your existence or are up your ass like an alien anal probe.

    C'mon, people - let's find a happy medium here!

  2. Every time I take my car in for service, I wonder what they're going to try to swing past me.
    Once they tried to convince my brakes were shot, it was the same guy who had replaced my brakes weeks before. I just stared at him and then reminded him of our previous encounter. I looked forward to his survey..

  3. I also hate taking my car anywhere for service!! So annoying. Always costly.

    Do you think Cher regrets that fashion choice? I've always wondered. She looks very vulture-esque.

  4. That's what people wore in 1986?! Well I know Cher isn't your average person but that anyone would even think of wearing that ever!

    I love our car guy. He explains everything and doesn't try to push anything over on us. That reminds me I think its time for Ben to pay him a visit.

    Also stop having fun without me! You get to go to whole foods & lingerie stores while I have to sit here and work? no fair! Although I do have to say that by riding the bus I will have gotten more reading done in a week than the average month. pathetic really.

  5. I am so intrigued by the collision of car repair and lingerie shopping here! I guess you needed some retail therapy. So: car stuff cost $700. How much did you spend on fishnets, etc.??

    And full body fishnets. Hmm. I don't really see a space in my life for that, but I obviously lack imagination.

  6. What Val said! You were JUST UP THE STREET from me at Whole Pay-check Fudz AND the naughty undie store and ya didn't call me??? Glad you got your car happy again, though. We'll not be having any bad car karma 'round here.

  7. At least you have a fun place to pass the time.

  8. Incase I never get this blogged about:

    Avocado Fries
    Preheat over to 200*
    In a medium saucepan, heat 11/2" oil until it registers 375* with a deep-fry thermometer.

    Meanwhile, mix 1/4 c flour (or gluten free rice flour) with 1/4 tsp kosher salt in a shallow plate. Put 2 large beaten eggs and 1/1/4 c bread crumbs (gluten free bread made into crumbs also works) in separate shallow plates.

    Slice avocado into long strips. Dip avocado in flour, shake off excess. Dip in egg, then crumbs to coat. Set on a plate in one layer.

    Fry a quarter of the avocado slices at a time until deep golden. Transfer slices to a plate lined with paper towels. Keep warm in oven while cooking remaining avocados slices. Sprinkle with salt to taste.


  9. Hi Michele,
    Well I got a new radiator yesterday, too. Guess all the ancient radiators out there sent out high-pitched signals to each other that on the count of three, they'd all die. I must have gotten a plastic one, though, since it was only $400. My car's got 196,000 miles on it and is barely limping along. I don't even want the repairmen to do the smog check-related work they're recommending because it probably won't make it to its next smog check. I feel your pain.

    I really stopped by to tell you I made your huevos rancheros the other night for dinner and they were yummy. Looks like we'll be eating lots of tortillas and beans ;)

  10. Men make me mad when they expect us to take care of the mechanical details and then complain if we don't do what they would have done. Coach has learned to either keep his mouth shut or do it himself next time.

  11. Haha, you made a tuna joke. You do, in fact rock.

    CCG is definitely the expert in that area, you're wise to seek her advice.

    I hate paying mechanics. We have a pickup truck that barely gets used since Jamie works from home full time now and every time we take it in, it needs something outrageous.

  12. I'm so jealous. I wish we had a Whole Foods.

  13. YES!!! Come visit! We will shop, shop, SHOP!!!!

  14. I know more about cars than hubby, yet he gets the runaround less. Go figure.