Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flavor Infuse Vodka - or a love affair begins


It's Tuesday! And, you all know what that means. Randomness! Woot!

I used to think that I was fickle but now I know that I'm random. I'm feeling better now (said in a high pitch voice with a British accent). I can thank Keely for this revelation. Her Random Tuesday Thoughts helped me re-evaluate my stance on fickleness. Thank you Keely! (and I really mean it this time).

I saw this recipe about how to make your own flavored vodka and my heart went pitter pat. Almost as much as I like red wine I like vodka. Add a splash of cranberry juice and I just lose all sense of decorum (like I had much to start with). So when I saw a recipe to make my own I was all over that. I ran out of my office to announce to JR and the Boy that I needed to make some of this QUICK. I got a less than enthusiastic reception.

JR said, "Honey, I hate to tell you this but you do know you can buy it already flavored."
Me: "But, this is like cooking. With booze!"
"Michele, I know how you like to cook and recipes just make you all fluttery and well, booze is an issue we'll have to explore at AA sometime but wouldn't it be just easier to buy it?
Me: "You just don't get it. It is the journey not the finish that is important. Though the finish can't be all that bad".

He just doesn't get it. (sigh)

JR and I like to go out for drinks at happy hour. We have a cheap drink and a half priced appetizer each that we call dinner. The only trouble with this plan is sometimes you can't find who has the best deals or you just don't want to go to the same old place. I found on Lifehacker (who I'm sure found it from someone else) Mappyhour . This website maps happy hours around the world or at least the United States, Canada and the U.K. How cool is that?

Cameron was nice enough to call me the Queen of frugal (yes, I'm taking this as a compliment. I'm sure that was how he meant it. Cameron, that is how you meant it, right?) Anyway, he has seen the blue light (special) of shopping cheap. I'm so proud. Now, I'm going to give him and you, of course, a great way to use the .77 cent can of spaghetti sauce, .50 cent can of crushed/stewed/diced/whatever tomatoes and the .33 cent can of evaporated milk that you bought because it was so damn cheap you couldn't resist. Yes, even I succumb to this malady.

Cream of Tomato soup
That's what I said.
Cream of Tomato soup
These 3 ingredients make the best dang soup ever.
Added bonus, for a buck and a half it serves 6.

Pour all 3 ingredients into a large sauce pan. Heat. If you want your soup smoother pull out your immersion/hand blender and give it a buzz. No need to season if you don't want to. Give it a taste just in case. I used the can of garlic & herb spaghetti sauce that I had on hand but any will work. Serve with your cheap bread and cheese, Cameron. Dinner is served!

I'm expecting an important package in the mail today that I'm so nervous about I swear I'm breaking out in spots. More info to come.

Behold my newest painting:

Some day I'll take pity on you all and stop showing these to you. Sorry, today is not that day.

My Aunt Ruth next to a cactus.

I didn't leave her standing in the desert. She's back home safe and snug in Branson, MO. Or at least as safe and snug as she can be in Branson. Have you ever been there? Holy crap! For such a little town their traffic is worse than Phoenix.

Thank you for reading my randomness (as opposed to fickleness). Have a great day today!



  1. LOL I love flavored Vodka too and cooking...well cooking when it involves Vodka! : )

  2. I happen to like your paintings. I think you should give one away. (Hint. Hint.) (I could swear I've hinted this before...)

  3. That soup recipe is like gold! I've used it before, and I'm telling you, people will rave about -- especially if you serve it in rustic handmade pottery bowls and tell that that yes, the soup is made from scratch because you are cool that way. You just don't have to tell them what you mean by "from scratch!"

  4. Mappyhour, what a great idea for a site! Your Aunt Ruth looks cute next to the cactus and I always dig your paintings. Keem em' coming!

    The BEST vodka drink is to mix equal parts vodka, sprite and cranapple juice. It tastes like fruit punch but look out, it's got a punch to it!

  5. I'm all about the flavored vodka, too - and I love your take on 'It is the journey not the finish that is important.' I get it! ;) Awesome painting...and loved the pic of your Aunt Ruth next to the cactus.

    Happy Random Tuesday! ;)

  6. Ha ha.

    I was just in Denver. My college chum asked me to marry him. At one point he asked me what women want.

    I replied, "it's totally random Chris. The secret is, we have no idea what we want".

    hee hee. Drop back by to see the pics I posted.

  7. I love all vodka, you just made my day. I also like your paintings, the vodka must work well for you.

  8. I've actually been to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede in Branson (did I mention my parents are a bit country?)

    Flavor infused vodka - love it.

    Also love the idea of website dediated to happy hour. Some day my son will be older and I can once again drink in the afternoon- maybe I make him drive me home when he's a teenager.

  9. Make your own flavored vodka! Whats NOT cool about that!!

    That's a pretty phallic cactus.

    Aaaannndd....happy to help with the enabling. Apparently I've been enabling a LOT of people this week.

  10. I loved this! Especially Aunt Ruth. I just can NOT help but think of the movie "Vacation" with Aunt Ruth though.. glad to hear yours is alive and well and not tied to the top of a car, hidden in a rug.

    This was truly randomness at its finest.

    Hats off to Random Tuesday!

  11. was meant as a compliment. I am quite envious of your thrifty ways. Can't save money fast enough these days.

  12. Wow, Cameron is really giving out the crowns lately. I was dubbed the Queen of Naughty! LOVE IT!!

    Beautiful painting!!!!

  13. I like your painting, and your fickle...I mean, randomness! I TOTALLY get your excitement over the flavored vodka recipe! Men.

  14. Flavored vodka rocks....not the headache the next day....but, yeah...totally rocks!!!

  15. I like your painting. Although I was worried to see your Aunt standing near a cactus - don't those things shot out needles or something? (I'm sure my Uncle from Pheonix told me that once.)

  16. No worries about Aunt Ruth getting jumped by cactus needles there. Worst thing a ton+ sahuaro can do is crush you by falling over. It's the cholla cactus with the jumping needles you have to worry about. Nasty, nasty stuff! Perfect for men who don't get excited about making flavored vodka.