Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So I'm all about the food


I'm not sure how random I'm feeling today but I'm giving this one a shot. If you want to see more random posts head on over to Keely's place.

  • So these are some of my stats for this week (unimpressive as they are).
Okay, I get it. I talk a lot about food. I like food. I am very food driven and it looks like a good portion of the people that come to my blog through a Google search are food driven. The top four searches are about food.

That does not explain number 12. What the ......?

Top Searches that Brought Readers to Your Blog (max 25 shown)
  1. huevos rancheros recipe (5 times)
  2. cookery treacle bread (3 times)
  3. treacle bread (2 times)
  4. "huevos rancheros" recipe (1 time)
  5. "michele r***ly" librarian blog (1 time)
  6. 6963caa3b83bb59bb80059bf3bd27b22ebe58c16b21c5ef52c39c8cc5... (1 time)
  7. a dog's life (1 time)
  8. a dog's life (1959) (1 time)
  9. a dogs life (1 time)
  10. a dogs life blogspot (1 time)
  11. a dogs life poem (1 time)
  12. boy dog make love (1 time)
  13. cape cod walk for charity (1 time)
  14. charity dog walks (1 time)
  15. charity walk this weekend (1 time)
  16. cheesy eggplant italian (1 time)
  17. chicken cacciatore (1 time)
  18. colorado women's college (1 time)
  19. dog life spin (1 time)
  20. dog accessories with olives on them (1 time)
  21. dog's life photo dog and fan (1 time)
  22. dogs and the struggling economy (1 time)
  23. eggplant and dog (1 time)
  24. fun geek (1 time)
  25. fun irish postcards (1 time)
And who wants dog accessories with olives on them? Sounds like some kind of Napa Valley thing.

  • I'm taking a computer programming class this semester. I suck at programming. It makes me want to drink. Oh wait, most things make me want to drink but nothing makes me want to drink as much as computer programming.This is creating a problem for me. I was furloughed one day a week which cuts my salary by 20 percent. Something will have to give and I'm very afraid it will be wine. Weep for me!

  • I had planned to put my recipe for Irish Balls on the Morningstar Farms website but it was too much of a pain in the butt. Plus, how do I explain that title in the little tiny space provided.

  • When you send out more than 1 email that talks about a toilet and you get ads like these:
  • Toastie Tush® - Only $39.95Innovative/Simple/UL - Settings
  • Pup-Head™ Dog Potty -$149 - Perfect for Apartment, RV or Boat Portable Dog Potty - Free Shipping
  • Portable Event Bathrooms
    Enjoy Comfort & Luxury at Any Event A Regal Restroom Experience!
What the hell is a portable event bathroom? I have visions of cocktails and canapes. White jacketed waiters and bubbley in the bowl. I don't care if my tushy is toastie and my dog has a potty right next to mine I'm not going to make an event out of it.

  • VodkaMom needs to increase her followers in order to get a book deal or agent or some such thing. So being the neighborly sort I thought I'd ask any of you who don't follow her (what the hell are you thinking?) to get on over there and sign up. It is for a really good cause. You'll feel better about yourself. Really, you will. Thank you.

That will be all folks.

Oh, one last thing. My DIL is having to deal with the loss of a very good friend. Her close friend from flight school was the co-pilot of the airplane that crashed in Buffalo. She's learning about mortality and friendship and the feeling of helplessness. I wish that she could have been spared from learning these lessons at the age of 22 but that is not the way life works. Sometimes, life just plain bites donkey dicks.



  1. I think of olives and martinis come to mind. That's not a bad thing, right?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your DIL's friend. Life does really suck sometimes.

  2. I'm soooo with you on #12...HUH???WHAT??? Whatever right???

    So sorry to hear about your DIL's friend. It is hard to accept that death is part of life......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Oh, no - you might have to give up wine? That would be a major sacrifice! :) Great randomness...sorry to hear about your DIL's friend...

  4. I can only imagine what your google search results will be if you write anyone about "Irish Balls" in any fashion. HA!

  5. Wow, so much random stuff. I am sorry about your DIL's loss. I am already following Vodka Mom, but I would follow her twice if I could.

    And interesting google searches. I have to give myself a day or so to prepare to look at mine, so you should feel lucky only one of yours is dirty. Seriously.

  6. I bet the dog's name was "Olive". I don't even bother posting the search strings I get anymore. Apparently I shouldn't say "fuck" so much.

    Sorry to hear about your DILs friend :(

  7. Last month someone found my blog by searching "why does my crotch go numb when riding a bike". WHAT!
    I'm so sorry about your DIL's friend. It's rough, I'm sure.

  8. olive dog accessories? Seriously, people that's just crazy.

    I also like #12 - who are these people?

    Happy Random Tuesday.

  9. So sorry about your DIL's friend! How sad, and scary!

    A tad disconcerting about the boy/dog search bit, no?

  10. PRIORITIES WOMAN!!! The vino must remain. Heat, electricity....optional. Alcohol...mandatory.

  11. You're so right about the donkey dick thing. I'm sorry to hear about your DIL's friend....

    Who knew our little toilet talk could spark such interesting ads. I don't use gmail so I'm left out of the fun but thanks for sharing...

    I hate programming. Hate it, hate it and my degree is in computers. Jamie, on the other hand, is mr geeky genius.

  12. Major randomoscity over here. Sorry about DIL's friend. And sorry about the booze ban.

  13. Eggplant and dog... that's pretty random too!

  14. This fullow stuff sucks. They have told me I am looking several fewer days this years, at least one day a week or possibly two. I don't know how I can get everything done they want done in 5....oh well. (Oh and get this I work on a grant, which isn't over for three more years, but I need to be treated as everyone else.)

    At least I have a job! With benefits. ($1300 deductable)

    I'll drink with you!


  15. I can too spell furlough!


  16. You do blog about food alot. Everytime I read your blog I'm starving halfway thru.

    I like to torture myself with it.

  17. Toastie Tush would be an interesting Google search, too. Now, off to VodkaMom.

  18. The 'eggplant and dog' one bothers me. Do you think they want to feed their dog eggplant, or cook dog with a sidedish of eggplant?

    Sorry to hear about your DIL's friend. I lost a close friend at the age of 18, and it still hurts.

  19. Sorry to read about your DIL's friend. That is exactly how old I was when I lost a very good friend and it definitely did suck donkey balls or donkey dick or whichever is worse.
    My google searches are also pretty awesome. I wrote about this beauty pageant for nuns once and now I get all these super freaks looking for things such as "nuns who eat snatch."

  20. Irish balls? I've never had those.. now German ones, maybe a hispanic one or two? those I'll make no comment on.