Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have a Problem with their use of the word Senior


I had a post all lined up today about my late father-in-law and our driving issues when Casey over at Half as Good as You reminded me that it was Random Tuesday Thoughts today. If you don't know what RTT is go check out Keely at The Un-Mom. And Casey, and Vodkamom, and Capt. Dumbass and all the rest of the blogs that are nice and neatly alphabetized in ascending order on my sidebar (like the librarian speak? "alphabetized in ascending order." HeeHee. Where's my sensible shoes?).

I received this horrendous thing in the mail yesterday. I'd like to take issue with Sunset Magazine's definition of SENIOR CITIZEN! I haven't turned 50, folks. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, what's six months but damn give me a break.

JR got a huge laugh out of this. He was saying things like, "Sunset just made my day" and "Honey, they think you're a SENIOR CITIZEN" and "This makes it official, you really are old." My response was the appropriate; "F**k you." He really should understand by now that paybacks are hell and he has a birthday coming up on Friday.

The SENIOR word is not going to stop me from subscribing though. It's only $10. I may be offended but I'm not stupid; Sunset has some great recipes and photographs. Just to show how pissed off I am about the whole SENIOR thing I'm going to rip out the photographs to use as inspiration for paintings. There! That ought to teach them. My total abuse of their work should be payback enough.

Speaking of abusive painting (why does that sound so bad?) this is my latest one. I'm planning to give it to the DIL or at least I was until she told me she was going to put it in her bathroom. I DON'T THINK SO! I expect a much better position within their household for my amateurish efforts.

Took a quick trip to Charlottesville, Virginia last week. Met some very nice people at the Medical library at UVa. Since, I haven't heard from them I'm assuming I wasn't the top candidate. That's alright, Charlottesville is beautiful but expensive. Plus, it would be hard for JR to find something there to do. Unless you count his plan to be my private gigolo as a job. Then he's all set.

I have today off (a whole other story that I won't go into now) so I'll be doing all sorts of random things. Paint, pay bills, cook, paint, clean the bathrooms, paint, eat too much, dust, try not to indulge in retail therapy, and paint. Hope your day goes well.



  1. Oops, I didn't mean to make you change your post for today...

    I love the painting and it's definitely not a bathroom shot. You're so damn talented, I can barely draw stick figures with my kid's crayons.

    Eek to the senior discount. I guess you should milk it for all its worth but still, sorry to hear that.

    And yay?!? for not getting the job? JR might bring home all sorts of germs if you started renting him out to the ladies. Germs are yucky.

    Enjoy the day off!

  2. Casey: I should be thanking you. This is easier. Now I have tomorrow's post all ready.

  3. Saw your tweet yesterday. Sorry about your "day off"...ugh!

    You need to smack your husband with your first edition of Sunset when it arrives. Tell him it's from me. :)

  4. Hope you have a productive unexpected day off -- and I loved your painting! It is definitely not bathroom-worthy. And don't worry about Sunset -- it's when the AARP offers start coming that you need to worry.

  5. Whatev, you're a HAWT 50!!

    The sky in your painting is FAB! Beautiful!

  6. A network up here was replaying The West Wing so we started watching it. They promote themselves as the channel for 'mature' woman. It was funny every time. And painful.

  7. 50 is the new 35.

    Or something.

    Happy Tuesday!

  8. I didn't think Senior started until at least 55. That's according to the Denny's menu...

  9. My wife has been getting stuff from Medicare and Blue Cross for the last few months. She's 31. Apparantly somebody screwed up the list somewhere.

  10. 50!?!?! You are still a child! I, for one, really like your painting, you are getting better and better. I've tried before, but I can't do anything. I can see what I want to paint, but that is a far as I can get.


  11. I like it when you speak librarian.

    I also love Charlottesville, but I don't know if I would want to live there.

    Love the painting by the way. I think the bathroom is alright as long as it's across from the "throne" that way everybody gets a good look.

  12. For a second there, I thought you had a problem with the word "senor", and I was all, Ooh, Spanish word bashing? But then I was like, no, this is Michele's blog. She's a librarian, she wouldn't bash words. She loves words. I like the painting and recommend a give away. To me. (It's a win, because I get it and you give it to me. Um, yeah...)

  13. Jen: What a great idea. I could paint something over the next week then do a give away.

  14. Your painting is lovely! It deserves a gorgeous frame and a place of honor on the (non-bathroom) wall. Also, anyone that calls me a senior before age 65 had better be referring to my highschool years, ot they're getting their a** kicked! :0

  15. Hey, get used to those "Senior" offers. It only gets worse. Actually they do come in real handy but when Coach & I got our first AARP offer we both about croaked.

  16. Charlottesville is indeed a beautiful place. I have been to nearly every major battlefied in Virginia. I could spend mucho time doing it again. Maybe you can find a nice assisted living facility for yourself in that area. Cheers!!

  17. Charlottesville is gorgeous, isn't it? But yes, housing was expensive. Of course, that was before we moved to DC and got HALF the house for TWICE the price as Cville!

    You're killing me with the lemon bread.