Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Go San Marin Jr. Mustangs!!!!!

Up and out the door at 9am to take the long drive up north. If it hadn't been for my mp3 player I may have nodded off at the wheel. Miles and miles of desert broken up by a Joshua Tree forest and small towns like Wickenburg and Wikiup. Don't blink.

After going through the TSA checkpoint (the officer did a thoroughly brief and totally inadequate check of my truck. I guess middle aged women driving a 3/4 ton pickup with the Beatles playing on the radio are not considered a national security threat).

Crossed the Hoover Dam. Yep, just as impressive now as it was 12 years ago when I saw it. They are building a huge bridge across the canyon that will rival this dam as a feat of engineering.

Here are my infamous mom and sister standing in front of our hotel.
It had a Camelot/Disneyland/creepy theme going for it.

My beautiful niece and sister.
It is my understanding that these girls have cheer bows and competition bows. This is the competition bow. Her hair has so much gel & hairspray that it doesn't move. You couldn't even tell that Tess' hair is blond. I called it prom hair.

Here is Tess and her BFF. Aren't they the cutest? Ah, to be 14 again.

I took a bit of video. The noise level at the competition vied with the constant din in the casinos. Tess' team took 3rd place. Go Team!

From left to right: Mari (my sis), my mom (she who stole my cheese grader), my niece Shannon (OMG!), my niece Tess (she was freezing), me, and my aunt Ruth. Poor aunt Ruth looks a bit drunk in this photo. As you can see I didn't tart myself up. I'm pretty sure that the only one in this group that would see any business (wink, wink) would be my niece Shannon.

Time for work.



  1. You nieces are both adorable. My goodness. I think I need a make over.

    Looks like a great trip.

    Your guest post is up on my blog and generating some fun comments. Thanks again.

  2. How much fun! You all look like you enjoy each other very much and that you enjoyed the event.


  3. Wow! Your family is so glamorous! Mine is not. Or, I think that they are not. Who would know? I haven't seen them in over five years now.

    I'm sorry that we just missed each other. I am not even kidding. I could have used a friend to hang out with in Washington. There are parts of my stay there that I genuinely miss -- I adored Seattle and trips down to Portland. I loved being able to go skiing at Whistler without having to hop a plane.

    More than anything, I just miss feeling young. I don't feel very young these days.

    Reflecting on falling in love with Josh always helps though. He's such a joy. You would love him, I just know it.


  4. Wow, looks like a great time! Go team!

  5. Yay! Someone else besides me has experienced the thrill of a cheerleader comp!!!

    Your nieces are super pretty....glad the team did well!

  6. OMG! I love professional cheerleading! How fun! And the Hoover Dam. I'm jealous!

  7. 3RD place is a great result! Your neices are very pretty, and your Aunt Ruth looks very much like mine - not drunk, just the features.

    Next time you go to a cheer leading comp will you take ear plugs? That really was loud.

  8. That is quite the makeup they make them wear. They're awfully sweet though!

  9. Dang, Girl! Those little gals were awesome! My daughter was a cheerleader and they had cheer bows, cheer socks, cheer bloomers, etc. and then they had "game day" stuff. Musn't wear the same thing for more than a few hours....
    The girls in your family are all beautiful. Glad that you got to spend some time together.

  10. It's nice to finally see a face to go along with the great recipes. I was really expecting to see some blue eyeshadow and huge bangs so I'm a bit disappointed. Your nieces (and the rest of your family) are adorable.

  11. I am a San Marin mom (two sons)and stumbled upon your blog. It is very nice to see Jr. Mustangs on your blog. They are all great kids and you must be very proud!

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