Saturday, January 10, 2009

You're on Jen!

Jen over at Sprite's Keeper threw down the gauntlet this afternoon. She wanted to see my pantry. I think she was a tad dis-believing. Oh sure, she didn't say as much but I could tell from the tone of her comment. I'm the mother of kids her age. I know disbelief when I hear it. (it was that or the voices in my head. I'm going with disbelief. Less worrisome that way)

Not one to let a challenge go unanswered I promptly got on the phone to my daughter-in-law.

Me: Hey, (I start most conversations with the word hey, weird huh?) I need my camera back.

Val: We're still using it.

Me: So!

Val: It'll be kind of a pain to bring it back today.

Me: And your point is?

Val: Fine, I'll bring it over when I run some errands (sighing audibly).

She brought the camera by with the stipulation that I could take two pictures then she's taking it back. WTF?

I take my two pictures all the while being heckled by Val, JR and the Boy. "Is that for the blog." "Michele, you really need to get a life." "Crap mom, could you be more of a nerd?"

I got my pictures (symbolically flipping them all the bird).

So Jen here's my pantry. Fully stocked (HeeHee)

I even took the time to add some text so you'll know how I organize the shelves (I love me some Photoshop). We librarians have to organize. It's a painful affliction.

I'm challenging all of you to send me pictures of your pantry. The real deal. No organizing it before hand. Can you "eat out of your pantry"? (snicker, snicker)


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  1. I don't have a pantry. Our house is so small that I get a lazy Susan and a baking cupboard, and that's it.

    You'd win anyway. I'm still getting the hang of this domestic thing...

  2. Keely: I've tried to have a pantry in all of the homes we've lived in. This one isn't my favorite. It's too deep. Things get lost in the back. If I had my way it would have pull out shelves.

  3. Oh my heavens, I am bowing down to you! The organization, the fact that everything can be seen, the gargantuan sized Kirkland cashews! (Yeah, I'm not allowed to be within noshing distance of one of those canisters. I can't stop myself!) I will take pictures of my pantry. And I will post them. And you will laugh at me. But I deserve it. I called your bluff. You kicked my blutt. Butt! I meant butt...

  4. Jen: The cashews are for JR. I don't touch the things. Fattening!!!!!!

  5. Hello,

    I have just come this way through Croneandbearit and really enjoyed reading your blog. I am very impressed with your organisational skills - you wouldn't want to come and sort my mess of a pantry out would you?

    Take care
    "The Last Post"

  6. i'll do this, just to show everybody that i really do hate to cook and eat! well, except for junk food & chocolate!

    i just got done posting for today so i'll probably wait till tomorrow :)

    thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog!

  7. I'm with Keely. I don't have a pantry. I have a cupboard with 2 shelves.

  8. The Last Post: I'd be happy to come over but I bet I'm pretty far away. If you post about your pantry please let me know. I'll check it out and link back to you.

    nonna: Let me know when you post about your pantry. I'll link to you then send it on to Jen.

    DeeMarie: show me your 2 shelves.

  9. Will you please, please, please come over and organize my pantry? I've been trying in vain for 7 years to get some kind of organization going and it's not working!

  10. And just because I'm bored, I decided to play along with the pantry pictures!

  11. Sandie: I thing you did a great job all by yourself.

  12. Man, your pantry is CLEAN! I just took pics of mine and I'll send them your way shortly. It's not good.

    I think you could be one of those personal shoppers/organizers if you're ever looking for a second career. Just sayin.

  13. Michele, Cyndi over at The Adventures of HarryJack answered your challenge and I have to bow down to her as well. I am going to be censoring my smack talk from now on. I CLEARLY don't know what I'm talking about with organization!

  14. I cant organize it first? Oh dear!

    And about a later post..... Your JR seems to be a sweetheart of a guy! Sorry you had to go thru some rough stuff before you found your prince charming!

  15. I wish I had a pantry! But yours is cool and FULL!

    And boy are you organized! Just another thing for me to admire you about!


  16. You have GOT to see this one! Katie over at 9ndhouse has a pantry ROOM!!!